How to choose indoor furniture

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How to choose indoor furniture

furniture can be divided into beds, chairs and other furniture for the purpose of supporting the human body according to different purposes and functions, which are called human body system furniture; Furniture such as tables and tea tables are called quasi human system furniture; Another kind of furniture is called building system furniture, which mainly refers to storage furniture and room partitions. They are for the purpose of storing goods and separating space

1: the factors that need to be considered in choosing furniture generally include style, price, quality, scale and users

2: choosing human body system furniture requires high quality, because they are used to support the weight of the human body, so they must have sufficient fastness and strength, that is, they must have considerable quality assurance; Choose quasi human system furniture. On the premise of ensuring that its quality can basically meet people's use, we should pay more attention to its scale, which is not only convenient for people to use, but also meet the placement of items; When choosing building system furniture, we should focus on the size of indoor space and the amount of storage of the owner. On the one hand, this kind of furniture has a large volume, so we must consider the placement position when choosing it, which cannot affect the owner's use of indoor space; On the other hand, we should also consider the quantity of the owner's clothes to meet the basic requirements of storage

3: when choosing furniture, the most important factor that cannot be ignored is the user's factor. The same type of furniture may have different requirements for different users. If it is the same bed, the elderly should use it more soft and elastic, which can meet the higher requirements of the elderly for comfort; The bed used by young children is more focused on safety considerations. Factors related to users also include the requirements for environmental protection. For the sake of users' health, when choosing furniture and other supporting items in the room, we should try our best to avoid the harm of some items with excessive pollution to human body

from the perspective of cost saving and space saving, multi-functional furniture is more worthy of consideration. This situation is mostly used in rooms with insufficient functional space, such as folding sofas in some leisure spaces. When necessary, they can be used as beds, which can be described as economical and practical




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