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A door and window with good anti-theft performance can give your lover a safe space and guard her with a full sense of security. The new folding window beauty of yimilange conveys the longing and protection of love and family

since ancient times, there have been countless cases of heroes and beauties in history, such as Xiang Yu, Yu Ji, Zhou Yu, Xiao Qiao, Lu Bu, Diao Chan. These beautiful stories have been repeated in operas and films, and have also attracted the envy of countless future generations

rivers and mountains are charming and people are affectionate. Since ancient times, beauties deserve heroes. The beauty is graceful and charming, like the opening and closing of a folding window

irange's new folding window beauty conveys the longing and protection of love and family

▲ beauty folding window


a beautiful and generous door and window can give your lover an elegant space and enjoy the warmth of home

the new beauty folding window launched by yimilanger, regardless of color and material, matches the indoor decoration style harmoniously and aesthetically, and the simple matching is deeply sought after by modern people

the folding window is personalized and flexible, which can control the opening and closing area at will. The operation is also quite light, which saves space and provides open ventilation and lighting; Have a wide view, fully feel the outdoor scenery, unobstructed


a good door and window with energy-saving and heat preservation can give your lover a warm space and feel the comfort of four seasons like spring

the weather is getting colder, the south is drizzling with wind, and the north is snowy. At this time, you need to choose a door and window with good sealing to prepare for the cold winter at home

the new folding window adopts high-quality sealant strip and multiple sealing design to form a comprehensive and multiple protection. In combination with automobile grade tempered insulating glass, the double-layer glass design reduces heat loss, resists the cold wind, and protects the warmth of the home


a door and window with good anti-theft performance can give your lover a safe space and guard her with a full sense of security

hidden hinge, double tape anti pinch handle, half heart-shaped handle, can be equipped with double-sided plate lock with lock cylinder, and the anti-theft design is more intimate and humanized

with the design of multiple locking points and mushroom head lock, the whole window sash is fixed on the window frame when it is closed, which greatly enhances the sealing and anti-theft of the window. Let your lover sleep soundly, live safely, and deeply feel your sense of security, and rely more on your protection

love is a responsibility, and home is a belonging. No matter how far you go, the familiar window will always bring the smell of food and the familiar sound, making your heart soft and tough. Irange beauty folding window, open for you, silently guard the warmth of your home

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