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The decoration of the new house was not satisfactory, and the 27 year old man actually suffered from a heart disease

Xiao Wang's family lived in Wangjiawan, Hanyang, Hubei Province. Two years ago, his family prepared a house for him. A few days ago, Xiao Wang began to be busy with the decoration, for which he ran a lot of decoration companies. However, when the project was recently handed over, he found that the decoration effect was unexpected, not only unsightly, but also small space

Xiao Wang couldn't accept this gap for a moment and blamed himself all day. How can he even do this thing well. He had been introverted, but now he became afraid to communicate with the outside world, and even spoke carefully with his family. His parents were very vigilant and accompanied him to the mental health department of Hanyang hospital

Yuan Mei, the chief physician of the mental health department of Hanyang hospital, said that Xiao Wang had many symptoms such as inferiority complex and insomnia, and was diagnosed as depression. After comprehensive treatment, Xiao Wang's condition recovered yesterday (17th)

the doctor said that if you want to recover completely, you need to continue to adjust yourself. It is suggested to try to change your introverted personality, often communicate with the outside world, and increase your psychological endurance. Introverts may as well get more exposure to the sun. Enough sunlight can improve bad emotions. (Yu Lexiao, Xia Wangyang, Yi Qiaoqiao)





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