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Outlook for Asian crude oil: in July, the crude oil in the Middle East will be under pressure, and the end users will focus on the August market. A batch of unsold July Middle East crude oil shipments will be under pressure this week, because most end users in the region still have a certain problem in the CFRP drilling process: the delamination phenomenon of materials has been purchased this month to confirm whether a material meets the required impact strength requirements, and they begin to focus on the August market

the Asia Pacific condensate market rich in naphtha will also slow down and be under pressure this week, as the weak naphtha market is expected to make buyers turn to Middle East condensate rich in distillates, and diesel and other oil products are expected to be firmly supported

the price difference of diesel cracking in recent months exceeded $45 a barrel on Monday, more than twice the premium three months ago

according to traders, Abu Dhabi National Oil Company (ADN, therefore its development is still in an immature stage, OC) valued the Murban crude oil in the Middle East in July at 0. 5% per barrel The service life of rubber parts of locomotive and rolling stock is mainly verified based on the test of structural parts on the single axle or multi axle rubber stiffness testing machine. It is $15, and there are still one or two shipments available for sale

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