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Get out of the shadow of vicious competition and create first-class packaging quality

carton packaging has occupied the main market of packaging products due to its light weight, convenience, beauty, environmental protection and other characteristics, and has developed from the original single transportation packaging to sales packaging and use packaging, from the single function of protecting commodities to beautifying commodities and advertising promotion, so as to enrich people's lives and improve the popularity and value of commodities, And the promotion of commodity sales has played a huge role, which is closely related to the development of the national economy and people's daily life. However, the current quality status of domestic carton products is not satisfactory, especially the outer packaging carton, which is seriously shoddy, collapsed and damaged, and has a gradual upward trend. Claims caused by packaging quality often occur. Therefore, carton quality should be highly valued by carton manufacturers and carton users

with the development of market economy and social progress, carton packaging enterprises have mushroomed in recent years. As the investment threshold for carton packaging is low, tens of thousands of yuan can be invested in a three-level small factory with dozens of square meters. After buying a few simple equipment and ready-made cardboard, the cartons can be processed. Without printing, we can design different clamping brush machines according to different samples and experimental methods, and use silk to print. On the surface, the carton factory can produce in this way. It seems that it does not need any higher technology. In fact, the employees and even managers of these three-level small factories do not understand and understand that a really good carton needs higher professional technology and better special equipment. To produce qualified cartons, it is necessary to carry out scientific and reasonable design according to the nature, characteristics and weight requirements of the contents in the cartons, and carry out strict quality control and inspection in the production process to ensure that its physical properties and relevant quality indicators meet the standards, so as to achieve the stability of product quality. The current situation of some level III small factories and some level II production factories is that the quality awareness, professional knowledge and technical level are low, but the development of their functions depends on the operation talent of the computer servo system. The cartons clearly define the definition standard and scope of "ground bar steel". The production is not produced according to the standard or even without standard, let alone quality control and quality control. It is understood that some manufacturers (including some secondary factories) do not even know the national standards for cartons, and the enterprises have not formulated the necessary inspection or control standards. Some manufacturers do not even have inspectors. Many manufacturers' inspectors do not even know what to do and how to inspect? Some just use a tape measure to measure the specifications, but they still don't know what is the outer diameter dimension, what is the manufacturing dimension, and what is the inner diameter dimension. The so-called bursting strength, edge pressing strength and so on are unknown. Many manufacturers do not even have the necessary testing equipment. Such manufacturers generally use whatever paper the customer wants to produce. As long as the customer can accept it, if not, they will discount or take other measures to make the customer accept it. Some large-scale enterprises that have established quality management systems and passed ISO9001 certification only want to have a brand in the market, while the internal quality management system exists in name only and in form, and does not operate according to the requirements of the system. How can such a situation guarantee the quality of carton products

due to the rush of carton packaging enterprises in previous years, according to incomplete statistics, there are more than 1400 domestic cardboard production lines and more than 50000 large and small carton manufacturers, mainly concentrated in Guangdong, Fujian, Zhejiang, Jiangsu and Shanghai, accounting for about 80% of the country, making the market competition ten points fierce. Originally, competition should be very normal and beyond reproach. It can promote the prosperity and progress of the market, the improvement of product quality and service quality, and the strengthening of internal management of enterprises. However, in a sense, the competition in the carton packaging industry is abnormal and blind, especially the low price competition, which leads to a vicious circle of carton product quality. At present, the decisive factor in the market is the price of cartons, not the quality of cartons. This is also related to the business concept of packaging enterprises and the importance they attach to packaging. In addition, some carton users do not understand the relationship between the quality of carton packaging (especially the comprehensive strength) and the inner goods, so users are also blindly price oriented. The author has participated in the carton procurement bidding of several large domestic enterprises, but the final winner is the blind one with the lowest price. However, the price of producing cartons according to the product standard of the enterprise is almost the cost price of base paper. How can the carton factory produce cartons? If you want to survive, you must have a business, so you can only reduce the material quantity of cartons (stealing paper) or reduce the grade of base paper with the sales price. In addition to blindly reducing carton materials, some carton manufacturers did not start with management and control costs within the enterprise, such as controlling and saving power, reducing coal consumption through steam recovery, strengthening loss control and saving raw materials and auxiliary materials, improving unit production efficiency and saving fixed costs and management expenses. The paper mill is often required to consider the price, and the paper mill further reduces the fiber structure of the base paper, such as hanging the surface pulp of the box board thin and mixing the bottom pulp with low-quality fibers to reduce the cost. In addition to reducing the paper weight, other physical properties and comprehensive quality are also gradually declining, resulting in a vicious circle of carton quality

the above situation, I hope to attract the attention of all carton manufacturers and packaging manufacturers. Only when all walks of life participate in the control and improvement of carton packaging quality, and guide other blind competition to the normal track, can the domestic carton packaging industry develop healthily, can the domestic first-class goods really have first-class packaging, and can we truly improve the position of our packaging power in the international market

source: Global corrugated box industry

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