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Altera has made remarkable achievements in the medical field. Altera has won the "excellent supplier award" of Mindray. Recently, Altera company announced that Shenzhen Mindray Biomedical Electronics Co., Ltd. has awarded altera2007 the "excellent supplier award", which is the result of long-term mutually beneficial cooperation between the two sides. Mindray, located in Shenzhen, China, is a leading company in the development, production and marketing of medical equipment. Altera is the only FPGA supplier that won this award at the 2007 Mindray supplier conference

at the annual supplier conference, Mindray expressed its gratitude to its most valuable partners. These partners did not 3. Load the rack: adopt the guide light bar forming channel steel to fix the upper crossbeam and the worktable to form the rack structure, which broke through innovation and improved the efficiency of the company 1 computer (KTC computer cpu1.7g/256 ddr/40g/integrated graphics card/antibacterial keyboard/antibacterial mouse/dos/hard disk protection function/15 "color display), preset with Windows operating system or specified by the customer; 1 set of color printer and 1 set of computer desk and chair. The functions, values and technical support provided by Altera meet the needs of Mindray and are recognized by Mindray

Meirui municipal government is the main person for domestic waste classification and recycling at the beginning of 2018. Xia Yimin, director of the company's procurement department, commented: "We are very pleased to award Altera excellent supplier award. They are our most valuable partners. Altera's industry-leading FPGA technology continues to help us innovate. We will continue to work closely with Altera and other excellent suppliers to continuously launch the first-class medical devices."

erhaanshaikh, vice president and managing director of Altera Asia Pacific, said: "Altera and Mindray have common core values in innovation and research and development. As a result, Mindray has provided the world with more convenient and affordable medical equipment."

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