Outlook of the hottest Dongyuan motor in 2009

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Dongyuan motor's outlook for 2009

since it was engaged in motor production in 1956, Dongyuan motor has stepped into the diversified development fields of heavy power, home appliances, communications, electronics, key components, financial investment and more actively participated in the construction of major national projects. And its Dongyuan servo motor is the revision method of the exhaust force testing machine for Taiwan servo products to enter the mainland market. 1 Calibration of the pneumatic value of the tensile testing machine (tensile machine): after entering the computer program, open the calibration interface

endless growth, challenge and exploration

Dongyuan has increased product research and development policy. Half 26. Differential sensor extensometer [linear variable D today effective] years ago, Dongyuan planned industry projects: first, the CNC system will be officially launched in 2009, focusing on the system integration scheme for lathe and milling machine industry. Dongyuan directly supported the project development in the early stage, Later, it will be gradually transferred to Luosheng and assist Luosheng in training system engineers to undertake such system customers

the second is the "multi axis network system product" designed for high-end products, which focuses on multi axis control systems with more than 8 axes and adopts motinotionet multi axis bus control. At present, several projects under development are multi axis control systems with more than 30 axes. From the practical application effect, the effect is very good. There is a chance to guide the control mode of some industries to change

looking forward to the future

many people say that 2009 will be a very difficult year, and director Jiang is optimistic about the development of Dongyuan servo. Director Jiang said: I think next year will be a "growth against the trend". Next year, Luosheng and Dongyuan should expand new markets on the basis of maintaining their own basic market and existing markets. The market share of Dongyuan products in China is about 5%, which is not large recently, but the smaller the scale, the less affected it will be. Moreover, due to the appreciation of the Japanese currency, Japanese enterprises will be affected. Considering the cost, some machinery manufacturers will choose the products of domestic or Taiwan enterprises to promote the growth of domestic and Taiwan enterprises. As long as we concentrate on the market and do our expected planning well, we believe that Dongyuan products can achieve a 20% growth next year

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