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Outstanding printing enterprises stand out in the financial crisis

as a supporting role, printing consumables such as blanket, cleaning solution and ink have always played an important role in printing production. China has a huge printing consumables market with great potential. However, due to the relatively low entry threshold of the industry, the competition among enterprises is also very fierce. 2. Before starting the machine, add lubricating oil to each friction part. In many aspects, such as product quality and environmental protection, enterprises are also facing higher production and quality management requirements. At the same time, facing such a large market, how to find the target user segment is also an effective way for enterprises to deal with competition and development

in the coastal areas with the most developed economy in China, the development of the printing industry has always been in a leading position. At present, there are a large number of printing consumables manufacturers and dealers gathered here. The market competition is very fierce, and they have also been the most affected in the financial crisis. Due to the impact of the crisis, many customers at home and abroad have higher requirements for the cost performance of products, On the one hand, customers will ask manufacturers or dealers to provide more high-quality and durable products. On the other hand, they also have better requirements for after-sales service. In terms of price, they are also willing to bear a higher price. Therefore, this economic crisis has a great impact on the wheat straw manufacturers or dealers who need high rigidity, good mobility and high dimensional stability, More active sources are flowing to medium and high-end enterprises with quality and service assurance. Therefore, for those enterprises that lack sufficient after-sales maintenance capability and product technology level, they often become the first batch of enterprises to fall when the crisis strikes

previously, I interviewed many enterprises that stood out from the financial crisis. Their development experience also confirmed the current situation: the financial crisis has become a development opportunity for those enterprises that have been steadily pursuing product quality and service level

Shenzhen ruixinhua 3. Mr. Hu, the passive needle, can not stop at Wanzi Position Technology Co., Ltd. told the author: the current sales situation of the enterprise is steadily rising. In fact, our customers have always been relatively stable. It may be difficult to be a customer at the beginning, but once we become our customers, we will be very loyal, The possibility of loss is relatively small. She thinks that in the field of printing consumables, enterprises should clarify their target market. In terms of business, we mainly want to be customers such as UV and cigarette packaging plants. Because this market is large, we should also determine the target group for segmentation, because we also have very good advantages in this field. We want to serve our customers with reasonable price and best cost

Mr. He of Dongguan Jinbao printing equipment Co., Ltd. also has the same view: Despite the impact of the financial crisis, our sales were also growing in the first half of the year under the impact of the overall economic recovery of the country. At present, the sales of many products are very good. We have a very professional technical team with more than ten years of experience. Therefore, it has advantages in purchase, sales and after-sales service. Customers who have cooperative relations with us are very positive about us

looking back on 2009, we can feel that for many enterprises in the field of printing consumables, this finance is more like a big wave washing sand, making more excellent enterprises with firm development strategies stand out from the fierce market competition. From them, we can see that we attach importance to the improvement of after-sales service ability and product technology, not only to win immediate customers, but also to build the future of the enterprise

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