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Han's laser: outstanding advantages highlight high growth and will continue to have competitive advantages. As the laser processing equipment industry follows the complex system operation mode and is still in the rapid growth period, it determines that the value integration and integration advantages determined by the technical strength, the rich product chain advantages brought by the product application expansion ability and the sales service network advantages are the three major advantages necessary for the success of enterprises in the industry, However, the company just focuses on cultivating its advantages in three aspects, and is at the leading level in China in terms of R & D, production and sales service network, thus achieving high growth beyond the industry


several factors support that it will remain at about 50% in the next three years. The growth of laser marking of leading products is stable, and the high-speed growth of welding and cutting equipment is still sustainable; The successful industrialization of laser PCB equipment will enable PCB business to achieve high growth in the future. Leading enterprises have advantages in technology, capital, market, etc. Han's laser recently signed an order for laser PCB equipment of more than 50 million yuan with apple, which fully shows that the company's laser PCB equipment has been recognized by international well-known enterprises that generally do not or rarely use fabrics or leather for decoration, and will become another high-speed growth point of the company in the future. The company's large-scale digital printing equipment has been officially put into the market, which will keep the laser plate making and printing business growing at a high speed in the next few years; The company's forward-looking strategic layout is expected to generate new growth points. Laser surface treatment and linear motor have the most promising development prospects. The company is currently negotiating with relevant domestic enterprises about cooperation in laser heat treatment. Linear motor has also been applied to the field of oil field pumping equipment. All these will "attract public praise" and it can be seen that the strength of public opinion can bring great surprises to the company's performance growth

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