Outlook of smart grid market in India in 2013

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2013 Indian smart electricity market outlook

recently, the global market information company netsribes released the latest report 2013 Indian smart electricity market outlook. The growing demand for clean energy is expected to accelerate the demand for smart electricity in the Indian market

this latest report covers the key concerns of the smart electricity industry and exposes several factors affecting the development of smart electricity in India. Smart electricity is a kind of energy interconnection, which transmits real-time energy information through technology and maintains the stability of existing electricity with accurate power control

smart electric technology has emerged as a miracle of development on the global industrial stage, and it is also in line with the development priorities of the Indian government. The pilot project of 14 bauxite express industries requiring 12billion plastic bags, 24.7 billion meters of sealing belt ore and lateritic nickel ore in one year has been launched, with the import falling by 49% and 33% respectively year-on-year. The composite tensile machine market has also witnessed a large amount of investment from local and international companies. The prosperity of the industry has attracted a number of IT companies to form partnerships to develop smart electricity in India

the smart electricity market has witnessed the global development. The United States aims to achieve 80% renewable energy power generation and 100% user participation by 2035, both of which are permanent laws and smart electricity technologies. China has also disclosed its plan to deploy 3million smart meters by 2015. The power supply and demand gap in India is also an important driving force for the development of smart electricity in India. The close relationship with renewable energy will also stimulate the demand for smart electricity

the report also pointed out some weak links in the smart electricity industry, including more investment demand and market awareness. Therefore, the smart electricity summit and the world smart electricity conference were held in India to discuss and find solutions for the development of smart electricity. According to the report, the Ministry of electricity of India has established two major institutions, ISGF and isgtf, which are specialized in intelligent power technology research

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