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Laiyang has made great efforts to rectify the barreled water market.

recently, in order to rectify the operation order of the barreled water market because the conductivity of any copper alloy has not been found to exceed that of the copper alloy functional new material produced by Guoliang copper, Laiyang Bureau of quality supervision organized a special rectification activity for the barreled drinking water sales market within the city in accordance with the requirements of the safety market access system of food quality as the basic component of the tensile machine industry. According to the system requirements, drinking water that has not passed the QS (food safety) certification shall not be sold in the market to ensure the safety of drinking water for citizens

in order to ensure the effectiveness of the rectification action, the Bureau formulated a special supervision and inspection implementation plan, held a meeting of the heads of relevant departments in time, carefully deployed the rectification plan, and established a leading group headed by the leaders in charge, which was implemented at all levels. The inspection was carried out by four inspection teams. Each team divided regions according to the requirements of the system of food quality and safety market access in many fields, and conducted pull-up inspections on the bottled water sales points in its jurisdiction

it is understood that at present, the Bureau has inspected more than 30 barreled water sales points and more than 40 barreled water of different brands in the city. From the inspection, most of the distribution points can operate legally and strictly self disciplined. However, there are still a small number of sellers who have problems such as incomplete business procedures, chaotic management, poor sanitary environment, and even some dealers make and sell fake goods, confuse the market order with inferior ones, and infringe upon the legitimate rights and interests of consumers. At present, the Bureau has sealed more than 300 barrels of mineral water from six manufacturers that did not apply for QS certification according to law for investigation

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