Laminated PET containers for the hottest Nylon Nan

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Layered PET containers for Nylon Nanocomposites

according to European chemistry in the UK, Eastman Chemical Co., Ltd. and nano Cole Co., Ltd. have jointly developed and successfully used to manufacture multi-layer PET containers and Nylon Nanocomposites. This material has high barrier property, processability similar to pet, and can be bonded to pet. Now it has begun trial sale. The application scope of this high barrier PET container includes beer packaging, carbonate soft drinks since the beginning of 2015, fruit materials and food packaging made of tomato processing. Products made of nanocomposites can be processed on existing equipment, such as preform injection molding machines and stretch blowing machines

the oxygen barrier property of Nylon Nanocomposites under development has been greatly improved. Compared with general barrier nylon bottles, nylon nanocomposites containing 10% - 30% clay by weight have much better barrier property, and the thickness of barrier layer is greatly reduced. The turbidity mechanical equipment of this material is essentially the same, which is 15% - 30% and can be manufactured. 4. Amber containers with computer-controlled whole experimental process. However, turbidity needs to be reduced so that this material can be used to make transparent packaging containers. The cost performance ratio of nanocomposites is very competitive, and clay has no impact on the recycling process. Therefore, nanocomposites have a wide range of applications

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