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Foreign invested enterprise land use contract

foreign invested enterprise land use contract

Party A:____________________________________

legal address:____________ Mail code: __________:____________

legal representative:____________ Title:____________

Party B:____________________________________

legal address:____________ Mail code: __________:____________

legal representative:____________ Title:____________

Article 1 in accordance with the laws and regulations of the people's Republic of China on the administration of land use by foreign-invested enterprises and relevant national regulations, both parties conclude this contract through friendly negotiation and abide by it jointly

Article 2 the state-owned land provided by Party A to Party B for use is located at ___, Area is____ square meter. Its location and scope are shown in the attached drawings of the contract. The attached drawings have been confirmed by both parties

Article 3 the service life of the land under this contract is____ Years, counting from the date of signing this contract

Article 4 Party B agrees to pay Party A the site use fee, including land development fee and land use fee. Or: according to the joint venture or cooperative enterprise contract, Party B (Note: Chinese joint venture or partner) shall pay Party A the site use fee, including land development fee and land use fee

Article 5 the land development fee is per square meter____ RMB, the total amount is____ RMB. Party B (or Chinese joint venture or partner) must sign this contract from the date when polar 2 is still in the project development stage____ Paid in full within days

after Party B (or Chinese joint venture or partner) pays all land development fees____ Within days,. Party A shall handle the land registration (or change registration) procedures for Party B and issue (renew) the state owned land use certificate of the people's Republic of China

Article 6 the land use fee is per square meter per year____ RMB (US dollars or Hong Kong dollars, etc.), from____ Year____ Month____ From the date of, Party B (or Chinese joint venture or partner) shall____ Month____ The land use fee of the current year shall be paid to Party A a a few days ago

after five years, Party A shall make corresponding adjustment according to the relevant national regulations. After the adjustment, Party B shall pay the land use fee according to the new standard from the year of adjustment

if Party B can enjoy the preferential policy of reduction or exemption in accordance with the relevant provisions, this article can be drawn up in accordance with the provisions of reduction or exemption

Article 7 unless otherwise specified in this contract, Party B shall remit the fees required to be paid in the contract to Party A's bank account within the payment period specified in this contract. Bank Name:____ Bank____ Branch, account number _u__

Article 8 the land is used for construction____ For special projects, Party B must use the land according to the planning requirements and specified purposes

during the term of this contract, if Party B really needs to change the land use, the formalities for changing the land use shall be handled with the consent of Party A

Article 9 Party A agrees to undertake the specific affairs of land acquisition, demolition and boundary location of the land, and____ Year____ Month____ Recently delivered the land

Party B shall properly protect the boundary pile and shall not change it without permission. When the boundary pile is damaged or moved, Party B shall timely report it to Party A in writing and request to re bury it. The cost shall be borne by Party B's automatic shutdown after the friction times reach the set value

Article 10 when the term of land use expires or Party B terminates the operation in advance, the performance of this contract shall be terminated at the same time. Party B shall return the land use certificate to Party A and go through the registration procedures. Party B has the right to dispose of the buildings and attachments invested and constructed in the land, but the time shall not exceed ___, Party A shall obtain it free of charge after the expiration of the time limit

Article 11 the land use right obtained by Party B through allocation in accordance with this contract shall not be transferred, leased or mortgaged. If it is necessary to transfer, lease or mortgage, the transfer procedures must be handled and the transfer fee must be paid in accordance with the Interim Regulations of the people's Republic of China on the transfer and transfer of the right to the use of state owned land in cities and towns

Article 12 If Party B (or Chinese joint venture or partner) fails to pay the land use fee on time, an additional _u__% of the payable amount will be charged on a daily basis from the date of default Late fees. If the overdue period exceeds 6 months, Party A has the right to recover the land use right free of charge

Article 13 If Party B delays the possession of the land use right due to Party A's fault, the land use period under this contract shall be postponed accordingly, and Party B has the right to claim compensation

Article 14 If Party B does not invest in the land for two consecutive years, Party A has the right to recover the land use right, and the land fees paid by Party B will not be refunded. Provide innovative solutions for automotive, packaging, construction, consumer goods, electrical/electronic and other industries

Article 15 the conclusion, validity, interpretation, performance and dispute resolution of this contract are protected and governed by the laws of the people's Republic of China

Article 16 Any dispute arising from the execution of this contract shall be settled by both parties to the dispute through negotiation. If the negotiation fails, it shall be solved according to item (): (1) submit to an arbitration institution for arbitration; (2) Bring a suit in a people's court with jurisdiction

Article 17 this contract shall come into force after being signed by the legal representatives of both parties

Article 18 all dates of this contract are in the Western calendar

Article 19 this contract is made in duplicate____ Signed, each party holding____ Copies

Article 20 this contract is made on____ Year____ Month____ Japan in the people's Republic of China____ Signed by provinces and cities (counties)

Article 21 the tensile strength of this contract is the same as the matters not mentioned, which can be used as an annex to the contract after being agreed by both parties

the annexes to this contract are an integral part of the contract and have the same legal effect as this contract

Party A:____________________________________

legal representative:________________________

____ Year____ Month____ Day

Party B:_______________________

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