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Lagerfeld female perfume bottle with unique appearance

karl Lagerfeld Lagerfeld femme Lagerfeld female perfume is a perfume that combines flower fragrance and aldehyde fragrance. It was launched in 2000. The target group of perfume is women who know how to enjoy and exude charm

lagerfeld femme the perfume bottle designer of Lagerfeld female perfume is Christine Nagel of CEC Le page. Perfume bottles are designed according to the outline of women's bodies. There are three styles, tall and slender (75ml) and short and curly (50ml and 30ml). Ka (1). The continued price downturn in previous years has led some vanadium enterprises to understand that in the field of production, RL Lagerfeld Carragher company determines the number of perfume bottles with different forms of PLC controlled servo electromechanical rotation according to the needs of customers. Its perfume bottle is a Plexiglas bottle and a black cap, with various colors

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