Landscape lighting on the two rivers and four bank

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The landscape lighting of "two rivers and four banks" in the main city will be upgraded, highlighting the four elements of "landscape city bridge"

in the next five years, the night scenery of Chongqing will be upgraded again, and appreciating lights will become a new business card of the city. On October 10, it was learned from the public information of the municipal government that the municipal government recently issued the action plan for the improvement of urban comprehensive management in Chongqing, which required to highlight refined management and promote "big city management". Creating high-quality night lighting and improving the quality of urban lighting have become one of the highlights of "big city management". In the future, Chongqing will highlight the fact that the four yuan one-way air valve of "mountain, water, city and bridge" has fallen off before the start of the competition, and strive to create Chongqing night view business cards such as "three-dimensional mountain city", "light and shadow river city" and "charming Bridge City". By 2022, "Chongqing Shangdeng" will strive to become a city theme brand that has great business opportunities for equipment manufacturers of recycled plastic granulators. At present, the recycling rate of waste plastics in China is not high

according to the action plan, Chongqing will focus on Chaotianmen square, jiangbeizui central business district and pinzishi central commercial and residential district, and build the willing to change lighting in the intersection area of the two rivers into a distinctive and infectious boutique lighting show, which will fully display the beauty of the mountain soul, the spirit of the water charm and the humanities of a modern metropolis. Improve the management level of Yingchun lighting construction, and build Yingchun lighting in the main urban area into a characteristic tourism project; Create a high-quality route for urban night scenery tourism, and plan to launch the "two river Pavilion" in eling Park, the "one tree" in Nanshan, the "Hong'en Pavilion" in Hong'en Temple Park and other mountaintop overlooking views, the Chaotian gate, "hugui stone", Yanyu Park, Chongqing Grand Theater and other river bank overlooking views, as well as the night tour of the two rivers

at the same time, Chongqing will focus on the upgrading of the "two rivers and four banks" landscape lighting in the main urban area. In 2018, the construction and improvement of the embankment of Chaotianmen chuqimen section of Changbin road in Yuzhong District, cimilong old street and sunshine 100 in Nanbin road in Nan'an District will be carried out; In 2019, landscape lighting such as Shuangbei bridge, Jialing River Bridge and Gaojia garden double track bridge will be built, and landscape lighting such as Chaotianmen Bridge, qiansimen bridge and dongshuimen bridge will be improved. Build an intelligent centralized control system for landscape lighting in the core area of "two rivers and four banks" in the main urban area, implement "one knife switch" management, and effectively improve the integrity of landscape lighting in the main urban area. From 2020 to 2021, we will gradually implement the improvement and improvement of the landscape lighting in the main urban area, highlight the characteristics of the mountain city, the river city and the never night city, and create a bright, elegant and three-dimensional landscape urban night scene with appropriate dynamic and static. By 2022, we will build a "domestic first-class and internationally renowned" urban night scene. (Liao Xuemei)



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