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Brief discussion on the advantages of domestic paste filling machine

* in recent years, with the expansion of market demand, the requirements for the production process of paste filling machine are becoming higher and higher. The technical level of paste filling machine has been greatly improved, and the effect of packaging function has been significantly improved, which is due to the technical support given by science and technology. With the powerful power of high technology, paste filling machine 3 Limit protection: electronic limit 6. The mortar tensile testing machine will be developed towards mechanization and gradually improved at the end of operation. The reason why the paste filling machine has won the recognition of the market is that it has the following characteristics:

1 New horizontal design, light and convenient, automatic pumping, for thick paste can add hopper feeding

2. Manual and automatic mutual switching function: when the machine is in automatic state, the machine will press the set speed,

3 Automatic continuous filling. When the machine is in the manual state, the operator steps on the pedal to realize filling. If he keeps stepping on it, it will also become the state of automatic continuous filling

4. Drip proof filling system: when filling, the cylinder moves up and down to drive the bulkhead. When the cylinder moves upward, the bulkhead is upward, that is, the valve is opened and the filling of materials begins; Otherwise, stop filling. And eliminate dripping and wiredrawing

5. The material cylinder and tee are connected in a way, without any special tools. It is very convenient to load, unload and clean the goods sold on the market in accordance with the law of one price and one goods

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