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On the advertising design style of packaging and printing industry in Shenzhen

the customary classification of design in China is: packaging design, decoration design, advertising design, layout design. Open all kinds of newspapers and magazines in the packaging and printing industry, and open all kinds of stations. In this era of media flooding, how to make their products known to consumers and keep them in mind is a matter of great concern to manufacturers. Therefore, advertising has become the consensus of manufacturers

the author believes that the publicity of an enterprise includes trademarks and creativity. Through the observation of the advertising design style of some packaging and printing industries in Shenzhen, I find that they mainly tend to be serialization style, which is generally divided into three types: goods governed by a manufacturer; Goods governed by a trademark; Different functions, properties and quantities of the same kind of goods are unified in one style

1. Goods governed by one manufacturer. This kind of design mostly appears in the form of physical photos, which is exactly where the economy of advertising design in packaging and printing enterprises is different from art design, and then the art of removing the output wiring. Because after all, packaging and printing enterprises should promote products. The physical products, functions, technical parameters and advantages are essential for consumers to choose to buy. Throughout several large packaging and printing magazines, the advertisements with machine objects and products account for the majority

2. Design style governed by one trademark. The advertisement of dexinmei Printing Co., Ltd. is a work with perfect design style governed by 5 trademarks. The trademark logo of the company is a word of "beauty". Its advertising creativity was created by the famous calligrapher Han Meilin in the form of seal script, through thick ink, on the basis of human shape, outlining the word "beauty". The effect is similar to a person with open hands, dancing. This dance is not the other dance. It shows the word "beauty". It symbolizes that the company is "Dancing - pursuing", and symbolizes the pursuit of virtue, trust and beauty: pursuing perfection. Because the image design shows a rough style, it is especially like a person is shaking his arms and shouting. It can be said that Han Meilin has excavated the cultural connotation of the word "beauty". Tom Dillon said, "the creation of advertising and the use of the experimental machine for several decades are no problem. In essence, it is a skill to produce persuasive information. At present, the plastic processing industry is in a critical period of transition from the period of development to the period of industrial maturity.". The appeal of this advertisement is to help people better understand the corporate image of dexinmei Printing Co., Ltd. through clever lines and rough style design, customers can easily remember the name of the company, which has a strong visual impact, and then infected by it, resulting in the impulse to "enter its art world"

"the speaker knows the image, but forgets the words when he gets the image". From the image advertising leaflet produced by his company, the words are countless. As a company printing high-end picture books and periodicals, its enterprise design style also leaps out

3. Different functions, properties and quantities of the same kind of goods are unified in one style. It is characterized by multiple wins, good overall effect, and easy to recognize and remember

the advertisements of Fonda trademark production Co., Ltd. are rich in content, including photos of leather brands, trademark raw materials, silk screen high cycle, three-dimensional PVC, silicon trademarks, printing marks and other products, as well as creative patterns: a yearning person holds up various items in the "Fonda trademark" with hope, and also explains the business scope of the company. On the whole, its design style reflects the unity of design structure modeling, text, and the combination of different colors and patterns

the above is a brief talk about the advertising design style of Shenzhen packaging and printing enterprises. The style of each place cannot be divorced from its cultural background and national conditions, but we may also refer to the advanced experience of foreign countries. Foreign advertising creative design, on the whole, tends to be abstract style, using points, lines, surfaces, and various curve geometric shapes. For example, the lines of the "seven up" beverage company outline a vivid, natural and flexible design. This design, at a low cost, makes consumers remember it all at once and has a great impact on consumers. Is there any enlightenment for advertising designers in the packaging and printing industry in Shenzhen

information source: packaging and printing information daily

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