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The rebound in rubber prices is difficult to sustain

the economies of Greece and the euro zone are on the brink of recession and are becoming the focus of attention, weakening the willingness to risk. It seems that the rebound in rubber prices is difficult to sustain. The market waited for the Central Bank of China to loosen monetary policy, and disappointment spread

the March crude oil contract of the New York Mercantile futures exchange rose slightly with the implementation of measures such as capacity reduction policy and supply side reform. A spokesman for the Greek government said that Greece may get the support of eurozone finance ministers next Monday and start a bond swap program with private investors. The number of initial jobless claims fell by 13000 in the week of February 11, hitting the lowest level since March 2008. The Philadelphia Fed Manufacturing index in February was 10.2, expected to be 9.5. Iran English television reported that it had stopped exporting oil to six EU countries in retaliation for the EU sanctions against the country. The report released by Deutsche Bank pointed out that the potential threat of global crude oil supply was the most serious period since the Iran Iraq war. The rise of crude oil will increase the cost of synthetic rubber, which is beneficial to the natural rubber market

weather conditions, natural rubber production area in Thailand, cloudy in central and northern Thailand, cloudy in southern Thailand; Malaysia production area, cloudy in the south of the Malay Peninsula, rainy in the north of Kalimantan island; In Indonesia, it is cloudy north of the equator of Sumatra island, cloudy south of the equator of Sumatra island, and cloudy south of Kalimantan island; China's production area, Hainan light rain, Yunnan sunny. At present, the weather will not have a significant impact on rubber production and transportation

in the Asian rubber market, the price fell the previous trading day, thereby improving skin sensitization and intradermal reactivity) making tritan MXF 121 material suitable for use as an external component of small handheld medical equipment and diagnostic equipment, with high industry competitiveness, traders are more cautious, and the commodity market is under selling pressure. Due to sharp fluctuations, market transactions slowed down. A Thai exporter said it was difficult to find buyers. The exchange price of Thai str20 CV rubber delivered to Michelin tire company in April was US $3800 per ton, FOB. RSS3 of Thai No.3 cigarette glue shipped in March/April is quoted at 400 cents per kilogram. On the 17th, the official FOB quotation of Malaysia standard rubber SMR20 in March rose slightly in the morning, and the contract of Shanghai natural rubber futures in May rose 0.16% in the morning

in other aspects, according to the Indian rubber authority, India's natural rubber production will decline significantly in the coming months due to the impact of the arid climate. According to the Research Report of the rubber administration, it is estimated that the output of natural rubber in February this year will be about 61000 tons, the output of natural rubber in March will drop to 59000 tons, and the output of natural rubber in January this year will be as high as 102000 tons. On the whole, India's rubber production remains at a high level. Although the cut-off period begins, it will not increase too much demand, which is detrimental to the rubber price

on the whole, the commodity market has been under pressure recently, although the Greek problem has improved again. The focus of market concerns has changed, and even if Greece eventually stays in the eurozone, it will not be optimistic about the economic outlook of Greece. The Greek economy is shrinking. If Greece strictly implements the austerity policy, the economy will shrink further, but if it does not implement it, it will not get sustainable loans. In fact, the eurozone economy is on the brink of recession, which will become the focus of attention. The external situation is unfavorable to the rubber market. The profit of 1 ton of rubber steel is not as good as that of 1 Gillette razor glue. The price of razor glue rebounded briefly, waiting for the EU to approve the Greek loan. Since then, the market will pay more attention to the supply and demand situation of rubber itself. At present, the digestion of spot inventory is still slow. When the Thai rubber price was reported to 400 cents, it lost the potential to continue to rise, suggesting that the demand was depressed. China still does not loosen reserves, and the fear of credit decline has led investors to gradually withdraw from the rubber market

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