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Current situation and development trend of expansion pipe technology

shell began to study expansion pipe technology in the 1980s. At present, companies providing expansion pipe services include Halliburton, Baker petroleum tools and Schlumberger. Among them, shell and Weatherford have faster R & D speed

expansion pipe is divided into slotted expansion pipe and solid expansion pipe. Slotted expansion pipe is mainly used to seal complex layers, replace conventional slotted liner and sand control. The solid expansion pipe is mainly used for repairing casing, well construction, multi branch well and single well diameter well construction

Baker petroleum tools Co., Ltd. completed a six stage completion of a multi branch well with expansion pipe in belridge oil field, California, USA in 1998 with a porosity of 99.8%. So far, the company has completed level 6 completion of 10 multi branch wells in Africa, Asia, Europe, North America and South America. During the same period, Schlumberger and other companies also carried out level 6 completion of many branch wells

at present, the expansion sand control technology and the well construction technology of single well diameter oil wells have been widely published in foreign countries. Weatherford company carried out 228 expansion sand control installation operations in 2003 alone. In order to improve the efficiency of expansion sand control, Weatherford company has developed a high flexibility rotary expansion system. This pipe expansion system changes the previous upward lifting and downward pressure expansion into rotary expansion. Due to the use of rotary expansion process, the force required for pipe expansion is reduced by 90%

single hole diameter is to run multiple expansion pipes of the same size into the hole and well cementing. After drilling to the design depth to improve the yield of materials and performance stability, run the casing string smaller than the diameter of the liner to the bottom of the well, and then cementing, forming a single well diameter borehole from the surface casing shoe to the target layer

shell research believes that a single well diameter oil well is a major breakthrough in the oil and gas industry. It reduces drilling fluid consumption by 44%, cement consumption by 42%, casing consumption by 42% and cuttings generation by 59%. In offshore drilling and well construction, 33% - 48% of well construction costs can be saved

in order to improve the sealing between the expansion pipe and the well wall, foreign countries have used the elastomer spraying technology to spray a layer of elastomer on the outside of the expansion pipe. The elasticity of the elastomer is used to strengthen the sealing between the pipe body and the well wall, which can be used for interlayer sealing. At present, this sealing technology has been put into use, but further research and field evaluation are still needed

at present, the size of a single well diameter oil well is that 95/8 inch expansion pipe is installed in the 113/4 inch surface casing, which has the advantages of high efficiency, low cost, green and environmental protection, and the hole diameter of 10.4 inch is reached after the expansion. Finally, 95/8 inch casing was run in the 10.4 inch wellbore and well cemented. According to shell, the next step is to develop a single well diameter expansion pipe of other sizes to further improve the economic benefits of well construction. In addition, foreign countries are also studying and developing new materials for manufacturing expansion pipes

according to shell, through four years of efforts, the solid expansion tube technology has completed a leap from test to application, overcoming the initial rejection of the solid expansion tube technology. Most users believe that the solid expansion pipe is a low-cost and low-risk technology

expansion pipe provides a new method and means for the petroleum industry in the aspects of plugging, repair, collapse prevention and sand control. Through development and improvement, it may have high promotion value. However, there are great limitations in the construction of wells, especially in the construction of wells with a single well diameter. First, so far, some single well diameter well construction test applications proposed by Shandong innovation groups are all on the sea with high drilling and well construction costs, and their application value on land cannot be evaluated. Second, there is no way to verify the service life of oil wells built by this method

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