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Rubber prices soared, and the holidays of tire enterprises were extended

due to the soaring prices of raw materials, the Spring Festival holidays of most tire enterprises were much longer than in previous years, and some enterprises even had as many as 21 days

at present, the tire branch of China Rubber Industry Association is appealing to relevant departments for supporting measures to ensure that tire enterprises maintain normal production and operation

many enterprises have "generous" holidays

according to the association's survey of 20 domestic and foreign-funded enterprises, during the Spring Festival, there are 3 enterprises on rest days, 10 on rest days, 6 on rest days, and 1 enterprise on rest days for 21 days. The holiday has not yet ended

according to the association, most enterprises have more rest days this spring festival than in previous years. "Several enterprises basically did not have holidays during the Spring Festival in previous years, and also had a rest this year."

the price of natural rubber has soared recently, and the "generous" holiday of tire enterprises is precisely to reduce the consumption of natural rubber and reduce the cost of raw materials. "Now the more work is started, the more losses are made. The price of natural rubber is so high that enterprises can't stand it at all. Years ago, they felt that the price of natural rubber of 30000 yuan/ton was not enough. Now the price is close to 43000 yuan."

Advantages such as good linearity

the decline in tire production is expected to increase

people in the association believe that the reluctance of enterprises to start work will inevitably lead to the continuation of the decline in tire production. In fact, the 11 tensile testing machines last year were mainly composed of electromechanical motors, worm gear reducers (now many products have combined deceleration with electromechanical motors), lead screws, and frequency converters on electrical equipment. Since October, tire production has continued to decline

data show that the output growth rate of 45 enterprises in October 2010 decreased by 2.5% compared with September, 3.1% in November and 2.2% in December compared with November

the association also recently made a comparative analysis of the production of seven enterprises in January this year, "the output in January fell by 4.84% compared with that in December last year. The output in February fell even more."

in terms of downstream consumption, the car market in 2011 still has a "good start", which makes it possible for tire prices to rise

since the Spring Festival, tire companies such as shuangqian, Sanjiao, Hangzhou Rubber, Guilun and Fengshen have raised the price of domestic tires by 5% to 8%; At the same time, Michelin, Bridgestone and other foreign-funded enterprises in China also increased

although the price of tires has increased, market participants believe that for tire enterprises, the increase in price is difficult to offset the increase in costs, and their business conditions are difficult to be fundamental. Then, the decomposable part of lignin produces decomposition improvement

to this end, the association said, "the association will continue to call on the relevant departments to cancel the import tariff of natural rubber and put in the national reserve rubber as soon as possible, so as to ensure that tire enterprises focus on the upper reaches of the industrial chain and maintain normal production and operation."

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