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The study no longer exists in most modern families, but it still has an extraordinary position in other families. For these families, talk about the method of choosing study lighting. It is also suitable for writing, reading and children's homework. The method of lighting selection

study has disappeared in most modern families, but it still has an unusual position in other families. For these families, let's talk about the method of lighting selection in study. It is also applicable to writing, reading, and the lighting selection method in places where children do homework

lamps with stable brightness must be selected in the study. Compared with natural light, the light emitted by ordinary bulbs is obviously reddish, which reduces the resolution of human eyes. Therefore, if you want to see the fonts on the book, you must keep your eyes close. Although the light emitted by the ordinary eye lamp is white, because it is directly lit by 50Hz AC, the brightness of the fluorescent lamp will change constantly, which is the stroboscopic phenomenon of the eye lamp. If you study under the flashing fluorescent lamp for a long time, your eyes will also feel tired

the most widely used in the study should be the desk lamp. The selection of the desk lamp should pay attention to the brightness of the lighting. Generally, it should be controlled at 60W, and it should not be too bright. If it is too bright, it will increase the risk of baking the face, and it is easy to cause myopia. The color should be white and slightly yellow, and the light should be soft. It is best to have some small holes on the lampshade, so that the light is divided into lighting and auxiliary light, so that the illumination of the front and side back is 10:1. A transition area with soft light is formed around the lamp, which is not easy to make people's eyes tired

let's talk about the choice of light source. Generally, fluorescent lamps are not selected. Once a bad fluorescent lamp is selected, its light will decay quickly, and its two ends will turn black, which will have a great impact on vision. In addition, the light source of desk lamps is not easy to see and is often ignored. Therefore, incandescent lamps should be selected as the light source, because incandescent lamps are relatively stable, especially teenagers and children





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