Provide irregular perforated gypsum board construc

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It has the characteristics of fire prevention, sound insulation, heat insulation, light weight, high strength, small shrinkage, good stability, non aging, anti moth, and can be constructed by nailing, sawing, planing, gluing and other methods

provide the construction process of irregular perforated gypsum board

marine and hydrophobic rock wool insulation board is added with hydrophobic additives during production, which has good moisture-proof performance. Marine rock wool board is used for thermal insulation and fire partition of ships; Hydrophobic rock wool board is used in vehicles, mobile equipment, cold storage engineering, air conditioning pipelines, as well as in the application of heat preservation and fire prevention in humid environment and certain requirements for moisture-proof

rock wool board for building has excellent fire prevention, thermal insulation and sound absorption performance. It is mainly used for thermal insulation and sound insulation of building walls and roofs; Fire prevention and noise reduction of building partitions, firewalls, fire doors and elevator shafts. Installation process 1. Operating conditions the operating conditions for the installation of light steel keel paper gypsum board ceiling are the same as "wooden ceiling". 2. Material preparation: select the appropriate U-shaped keel series according to the design requirements, and prepare the keel main parts and accessories according to the actual plane size. The variety and specification of the cover plate shall meet the design requirements. 3. Machines and tools are prepared. The machines and tools used in the installation and construction of light steel keel paper gypsum board are the same as "light steel keel paper gypsum board partition". 4. Make procedures and snap the elevation line → fix the suspender → install the large keel → adjust the large keel according to the elevation line → snap the line (stay wire) at the bottom of the large keel → fix the medium and small keels → install the paper gypsum board → finish the paper gypsum board → clean. 5. Key points of construction (1) set out on the wall according to the designed ceiling height, and the allowable horizontal deviation is ± 5 mm

any indoor ceiling and veneer wall that requires sound absorption and noise reduction, high air quality requirements, and pursuit of unique decorative style

applicable places:

hotel lobby, restaurant office, conference room, smoking room

school, kindergarten hospital, clinic Gallery, exhibition hall

concert hall, lecture hall, opera house

film and television hall, coffee hall, automobile exhibition hall, living room, study, restaurant, children

hole type: 3x3 micro square hole 6mm Round hole type, 8mm Round hole type, 10mm Round hole type, 12mm square hole type

size: 600x600600x12001200x24001200x2700

construction process:

(I) requirements for materials and accessories

1. Light steel skeleton is divided into U-shaped skeleton and T-shaped skeleton, and can be divided into people and people according to load

2. The main parts of light steel skeleton are large, medium and small keels; Accessories include hangers, connectors and plug-ins

3. spare parts: with suspenders Flower blue screw Shoot nails Self tapping screw

4. Various cover panels can be selected according to the design instructions Aluminum crimping strip or plastic crimping strip, and its material variety Specifications. The quality shall meet the design requirements




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