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Giving up the traditional living room layout, the designer built the 19 square meter living room into a reading rest area, which can not only provide children with fun, but also meet the daily living of other members, creating a natural and open relaxed atmosphere for young families. There is enough storage space in intimacy. The picture comes from haozhu certification design agency Haoshi design Hao

through wallpaper to enhance the expressiveness of indoor space, it is the choice of many young people for decoration, especially partial paving, which can better highlight the personality and taste of the owner. Mabao's latest series signature era of excellence uses oblique lines to enrich the possibility of spatial light and shadow changes. Porch, background wall, or small area at the corner, jumping off and playful

the style of bathroom space and the quality of bathroom products are the decoration details that many young people pay more and more attention to. At the Milan International Furniture Exhibition at the beginning of this year, international well-known brands such as hansgeya and Yasheng launched bathroom products with both high appearance and technological content. The overhead shower with wide proportion, accurate switching and gentle shoulder neck massage has become the favorite of young consumers

live well on the home sharing platform. A small apartment of 38 square meters looks cute and warm. There is neither too much decoration nor obvious main lighting. The bedroom roof is equipped with a number of warm downlights, which is gentle and quite safe, and also highlights the personalized wall decoration. The desk lamps and small chandeliers in other spaces also realize the multiple functions of lighting + decoration, highlighting the high-level sense of the room that is not abrupt. The picture comes from haozhu certification design agency, art takes up space

the decoration season is coming again, home decoration companies have launched new packages, home shopping malls have launched a large number of promotions, and the cooperative brands of major platforms are constantly changing the sense of existence of pattern brushes. These new trends, new ways of playing, and new products all target the same group &mdash& mdash; A new generation of consumers. You know, the post-90s generation who got married has become the main force of house decoration in the past two years. Even if their parents pay, they also have a considerable say and decision-making power

however, their home is really interesting. A friend who visits a shop always wants to buy some of the same money to go home; Brush the forum, the original cases they share are really beautiful; Even the designers who serve them have extraordinary taste and good personality &hellip& hellip; The home of the post-90s generation seems to best highlight the current trend of home decoration

return to plain cement land to replace floor tiles

just know that there are a variety of materials that can be paved on the ground now, including floors that look like tiles and tiles that look like floors, but who can imagine that the cement land used by every household 20 years ago is back in fashion now. In the homes of many young people, cement-based self leveling, which can only be seen in offices, restaurants and factories, will appear. Yes, it's the kind used to level the ground. But now there is neither floor nor tile on it, that's all “ Bare ” Come on. Of course, these floors don't look as tacky as the old houses in the 1980s. On the contrary, because of the improvement of its own technology, the existence of interface agent, and the foil of personalized furniture, this kind of cement floor will bring its own high-grade feeling. The price is not expensive and it is convenient to clean. No wonder young people like it

one bedroom multi-purpose living room replaces the living room and study

the post-90s have the most say in changing the original function of the room. Among the 10 post-90s generation around, 8 have to toss and turn during decoration. The separation of dry and wet in the bathroom is very common. The most exaggerated thing is that many families don't even have a dining room. A big table of 34 meters can solve all life problems

the Xiao Chen family is the most typical example. The dining room and living room are particularly transparent. A long solid wood table is placed in the most prominent position. There is only a small double sofa in the corner. In a standard two bedroom house, there is no dining table, bar, coffee table or desk. Xiao Chen said that this table can not only work, but also eat and drink tea. It's no problem to sit around a dozen people at a friend's party and eat hot pot. After cleaning up the dishes and chopsticks, you can play board games immediately without delay. This change in living space is not only simple and economical, but also precisely shows the unique attitude of young people towards life. For those who love excitement, the living room is everyone's and the bedroom is their own. The space division seems to be clearer and the utilization rate is higher than before

economic casual pragmatism replaces luxury and tediousness

speaking of the most popular style at present, Nordic style is the first choice for young people. However, according to Guangsha times, Chinese consumers, especially young consumers, do not like the so-called “ Nordic style ” The design, but accepted the pragmatism and minimalism behind it, that is, a kind of simple beauty

furniture with simple shape and structure, wall corners without skirting lines, large white walls that can be tolerated, restrained and simple sense of sexlessness, flexible use of some lightweight and environmentally friendly new materials, expression of feelings rather than forms through the transformation of colors and materials, and the perfect combination of traditional aesthetics and the concept of function supremacy &hellip& hellip; It seems that you can find traces of these words when you walk into a post-90s home on the good live app, a home sharing platform that has gathered countless young people. The intimacy of home lies in making people “ Don't hesitate ”, Beauty in line with living habits is a lasting beauty

technical innovation, partial wallpaper can also be sexy and cute

wallpaper has been popular for several years, and has been abandoned by some families because of various problems such as price, environmental protection, and paving methods. Now, after the new technology perfectly solves all kinds of bugs, people can no longer resist the high beauty of wallpaper, especially young people. Of course, it's not the kind with walls covered

mabao ·, which just opened recently; In China's first exhibition center, "Guangsha times" specially learned what the wallpaper, which is currently the most popular among young consumers, looks like. There are pure hand drawn, master designed, three-dimensional, flax like, wrinkle technology and unique texture &hellip& hellip; Sticking a wall or a small piece of wall is the favorite of young consumers. For young people, wallpaper is a great tool to enhance spatial expression. Just take “ Signature era of excellence ” For example, the same wallpaper will show different light and shadow changes in young people with different personalities and moods. It is many times more exotic than the four large flower walls that filled their eyes like KTV rooms in the past

pay attention to the enjoyment of bathroom and sanitary ware, reflecting the quality of life

it is no exaggeration to say that the post-90s' pursuit of high-quality life is often not in how expensive a chair is, how comfortable a pillow is to lie down, and a set of cabinets with multiple functions. Instead, the toilet in the bathroom and the shower in the shower room have to be carefully selected and shop around

shower room is almost a must, even if the bathroom space is small, you have to customize one. It can not only make the whole bathroom appear cleaner, but also not easy to breed bacteria in summer. In winter, it is wet and warm inside and dry outside, which virtually extends the service life of bathroom furniture and electrical appliances. In addition, the professional terms of constant temperature and air injection technology, which are not familiar to the older generation, are clear to young people. Spend thousands of yuan on a high-end shower. The post-90s are almost willing to give up. Indeed, the feeling of water saving and comfort is only known after using it. Not only that, the toilet (cover) with comfortable sitting and powerful function is also their first choice

throw away the chandelier. The lighting is warm and advanced.

Guangsha times recently visited the homes of many young friends and found that a large part of them have no headlights at home &mdash& mdash; It's the kind of LED ceiling lamps and crystal chandeliers with a full sense of wealth that are common in parents' homes, all of which are absent. Instead, the point light source setting of basic lighting + key lighting + decorative lighting

to put it simply, some downlights that meet the needs of daily life are used in combination with floor lamps and desk lamps required for reading and work, as well as wall lamps and spotlights with prominent decoration. As long as the position, number and wattage of bulbs are well designed, a warm and advanced atmosphere can be created. It's softer at rest, and it won't be too bright at work. The price is no more expensive than a single ceiling lamp and chandelier. Ms. Zhao, a professional lighting designer, told us that the lower the wattage, the less power consumption; When the wattage is the same, the lamp with higher luminous flux is brighter. Under the guidance of professionals, match the point light source reasonably, walk the circuit well, set and use the handy double control switch, and your home will not have only yellow and white colors




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