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Brand technical services are not in place. How can magnetic lock enterprises continue to compete

Abstract: at present, China has become the world's largest magnetic lock production base and consumer market, but in sharp contrast, the lack of magnetic lock industry brands and low production capacity

although the access control industry has not developed rapidly as a monitoring industry, it is indeed a word of "stability", and it will be gradually improved on the basis of meeting the security needs. The design of the magnetic lock (or electromagnetic lock) used in the current access control system is the same as that of the electromagnet, which uses the principle of electromagnetism. When the current passes through the silicon steel sheet, the electromagnetic lock will produce a strong suction force to firmly absorb the adsorbed iron plate to achieve the effect of locking the door. So, what is the development status of magnetic lock brand? How can enterprises continue to promote market competition

the technical service of magnetic lock brand is not in place

with the continuous deepening of China's opening to the outside world, high-end buildings are developing rapidly, and the prospect of high-end lock market is optimistic. China's lock industry is increasing its investment in high-tech locks year by year, and the market demand for high-grade locks is also increasing year by year. Especially in developed countries, the demand for high-grade locks is very strong. Strong players in China's lock industry are seizing the opportunity to enter the high-end lock Market in time. Wenzhou Qiangqiang group has combined more than 20 enterprises in the lock industry through joint efforts, integrated resources, and quickly gained a place in the high-end lock market, allowing lock manufacturers such as South Korea, which is a strong lock country, to come to the door one after another for a share

with the improvement of home and office conditions and the increase of business rooms, the waste plant fibers, waste wood powder in wood processing and used recycled plastics can be recycled, which is beneficial to the full utilization of environment and resources. It has the advantages of wood and plastics, making the market of furniture and office locks larger and larger. At present, there is a great demand for all kinds of furniture and office locks, such as drawer locks, wardrobe locks, luggage locks, cabinet locks, stationery cabinet locks, tongue locks, interlocking locks, bathroom locks, safe locks, etc. These locks are closely related to the real estate industry, furniture industry, property management and other industries, with more and more patterns and higher quality requirements

I have said many times that the fast-growing brands in China have basically developed rapidly with a strong push. The channel push refers to the way of directly contacting consumers in the community, the way of establishing feelings through advantageous policies and many friendly visits to dealers, and the way of comprehensive exchanges with designers, supervisors, foremen, etc. To put it bluntly, it is the marketing mode of direct contact with terminal consumption based on people and money. Some enterprises have achieved the channel thrust mode with standards, manuals, modes, scripts and quantitative assessment, which has added a lot of color to the rapid growth of some enterprises, brought a lot of feelings closer and consolidated many fixed customers

with more and more people in the marketing team, the quality of the marketing team is getting worse and worse. I often communicate with colleagues of many big brands about the management of the enterprise team, which is unified. It has been chaotic in the past two years. Explain me he said: "What makes people excited is that our colleagues in domestic magnetic lock enterprises are still not keeping up with the pace of change in team management in response to the financial crisis, and they still can not adapt to the existing environment. The situation that there are many things to say and few things to do has always been a topic of endless discussion. A good battle must have a good team, good management and good incentive policies. Most people feel that the direction of their enterprise is not clear and their goals are at a loss, This is already the most dangerous signal

the magnetic lock product is not a semi-finished product. No magnetic lock brand says its product department needs technical services. However, I see that many magnetic lock dealers give up a brand because a manufacturer's technical service is not timely and in place. The technicality, frankness, openness and effectiveness of technical services determine the marketing confidence of dealers and business personnel in their own brands. We are not afraid of problems, but we are afraid that problems have not been solved. Through the shopping guide chat of many brand flagship stores, we learned that the product training service was seriously insufficient. We didn't understand the concept, meaning, creativity and concept of the product at all. Basically, we rely on "our environmental protection, is a big brand" to solve the problem. 80% of the stores reflected that the store services were seriously lacking in professional, guiding and consulting quality services. Finally, on-site service is more important than on-site service. In fact, on-site service is more important than on-site service. Although it has an indirect impact on future business, the on-site service has a direct impact on business. Many people say that on-site service is done at a high price, but the on-site service is not paid much attention to, so we must rely on dealers and relationships. Naturally, there are fewer customers who start a family, Because others can't see your advantages

how can magnetic lock enterprises achieve brand development

compared with traditional access control locks, the technical products and application advantages of magnetic locks are extremely obvious. The only performance of the magnetic lock is that it greatly improves the performance requirements of users in security. The unique accessory property of power on, door closing and power-off unlocking completely avoids fire and. Theft, and hidden dangers caused by natural disasters, these huge advantages make magnetic lock more and more accepted in application, and cause a security revolution in the world

under such a broad market prospect, many enterprises in the industry are developing magnetic security products. However, after years of market experience, magnetic locks are gradually being popularized and applied on a large scale. Many manufacturers have fallen into the market guidance stage and become the experimental products of the market development army of magnetic lock

when the domestic magnetic lock Market technology is relatively mature, what does the magnetic lock rely on to develop the market? At present, how big is the space of the magnetic lock Market in China? What are the key points in the operation of the magnetic lock Market? From the perspective of future development trend, based on the existing equipment, the production of high-tech performance is an important way to improve the quality and reputation of lock products

at present, some regional brands have not been understood by consumers, because enterprises still lack the corresponding ability in brand planning, especially in brand promotion and operation, which belongs to a single traditional model. These enterprises lack a sense of hierarchy in the market positioning of their products. At the same time, they can not find appropriate brand image packaging in terms of cultural demands and product differences

according to relevant data, China has become the world's largest magnetic lock production base and consumer market, but the lack of brands and low production capacity in the magnetic lock industry form a strong contrast. Therefore, the boss of magnetic lock calls on China's magnetic lock industry to develop towards high-end and brand, to lead the development of the industry with brand enterprises as the benchmark, to change the current imbalance in the national development of the magnetic lock market, so that the market can be integrated

at present, the magnetic lock brands with certain popularity in the industry are not recognized by consumers. There are two main reasons: first, consumers do not have a strong brand awareness in the consumption of magnetic locks. Second, the magnetic lock manufacturers are relatively weak in marketing means and promotion. The domestic magnetic lock industry takes the road of brand development, especially to continuously improve the market share, popularity and influence of brand products

the first misunderstanding is that the brand structure of magnetic lock is not market-oriented and institutionalized, but oriented by the subjective preference of the boss. Siemens, a century old brand, has eight principles, the first of which is "customers decide our actions to squeeze out pressure fluctuations". Customer orientation has become the common strategy of brand competition

however, at present, many magnetic lock enterprises are guided by the preferences of the general manager or the boss in the process of brand decision-making, resulting in products being introduced to the market and customers not buying "accounts", which has seriously affected the long-term development of the brand. Today, with the development of the industry, the boss must recognize the situation. Once "patting the head" has become a thing of the past. System planning is the beginning of the brand. No matter how brilliant it used to be, it must start from scratch, especially for the export-oriented enterprises. We must sit down and seriously think about how the road has come and where the future will go? Facing the situation of magnetic lock industry, where is the brand foundation? Where is the sustainable competitiveness

the brand positioning of magnetic lock should be targeted, and specific brand image should be used to attract specific target groups, rather than scattered. A general manager of the magnetic lock brand who has operated the magnetic lock for nearly ten years pointed out that many domestic magnetic lock enterprises are reluctant to sacrifice their brand positioning and believe that the larger the target market is, the greater the assurance of success will be; In practice, the target market and customers' thoughts are not clear, and the lack of market comparison and analysis directly leads to the difficulty of forming and giving full play to the due competitiveness of the brand

key points for the use of magnetic lock

with the continuous progress and development of security. Signal technology has also been widely promoted, which has created a new "myth" of insurance product sales. The intelligent system in the community is also used in a large range. Signal control technology. The signal control technology is constantly applied to the magnetic lock and electric plug-in lock at the entrance and exit of the community. It is also used in other security products. At the same time, people gradually pay attention to the key points in the use of magnetic lock products

1. Handle with care to damage the surface of the traction iron block and the suction strip on the lock body, which will reduce the force of locking the door

2. The magnetic lock body shall be fastened to the door frame, and the traction iron block shall be installed on the door. The accessories on the installation package can make the traction iron block tilt around its central axis to compensate for the error caused by wear or incorrect alignment of the door

3. The auxiliary installation pattern shall be used when the door is normally closed

4. Tighten all screws

5. The screws of the traction iron block shall not be too tight, and the rubber washer shall be kept properly elastic, so that the traction iron block can be automatically adjusted to the correct position with the suction

6. Select qualified power supply and wire rod to avoid insufficient locking force due to abnormal power supply

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