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Comprehensively expand Tongchuang brand, deepen cooperation and win-win future - the 8th national distributor conference of industrial control products of Emerson Energy Co., Ltd.

China Industrial Control Information Co., Ltd. comprehensively expand Tongchuang brand, deepen cooperation and win-win future - the 8th national distributor conference of industrial control products of Emerson Energy Co., Ltd.

comprehensively expand Tongchuang brand, deepen cooperation and win-win future - the 8th national distributor conference of industrial control products of Emerson Energy Co., Ltd From November 13 to 15, 2006, in this harvest season, the national distributor conference of industrial control products of Emerson Energy Co., Ltd. was grandly held in Guangdong Humen Fengtai garden hotel. This was the 8th distributor conference of Emerson and the first distributor conference of Emerson Energy Co., Ltd. after the establishment of Industrial Automation China business unit (IAC). This autumn, Emerson Industrial control has not only reaped the rich results of 8 years of hard work, but also bred a more brilliant future

more than 200 frequency converter and PLC distributors participated in this distributor conference, creating the best record in history in terms of scale and grade. The team of partners continues to grow. Each partner also continues to grow with Emerson. In the future, we will continue to create new historical records together

Emerson is a large multinational electric group with a history of 100 years. Headquartered in St. Louis, the company has rich accumulation and excellent reputation in the field of power electronics. In the past FY06, Emerson presented an excellent performance to the vast number of customers and investors: the industrial control products of Emerson Energy Co., Ltd. increased by more than 16% year-on-year, and the sales reached a record high

at Emerson energy, the development of frequency converter products has lasted for 8 years, with the addition of its emerging product PLC and the British C The control products of T company and French Leroy Somer company, such as AC/DC drive, servo, motor and generator, are supplemented, which makes Emerson Industrial Automation (China) company have more advantages in the competition in providing customers with product support, system solutions and customer choices. These achievements come from the full cooperation and tacit cooperation between Emerson and its distributors

at this annual meeting, IAC president and director of marketing department respectively informed the distributors nationwide of the market situation and future planning of FY06. It is also the British C T company and France Lille Senma Electric Co., Ltd. also introduced their development and market situation in China and the world. In FY06, Emerson's market success mainly comes from several aspects:

first, the in-depth development of the industry has brought huge scale benefits. In elevator, textile, cable and other industries, on the basis of the original product market, Emerson has given full play to the technical advantages of international brands and the market and supply advantages of localized enterprises, combined with distributors' in-depth understanding of the needs of customers and the industry, provided customers with personalized overall solutions, enhanced the overall performance and core competitiveness of products from the perspective of system design, and created competitive advantages for customers, It also won the recognition of the market for Emerson

second: flexible and rich market operation means help Emerson win the battle of key projects. In the air cooling power station, heat supply, metallurgy and other industries, Emerson worked with distributors to carefully analyze the market demand, carefully formulate marketing strategies, fully demonstrate Emerson's advantages in product performance, reliability and service in the competition with many friends, and promote the brand image from many aspects, so as to successfully obtain a large number of orders

third, the smooth communication mechanism between Emerson and channels has greatly improved the efficiency and effect of market response, enabling everyone to take reasonable market and product measures in a very short time to effectively deal with the complex and changeable market situation. Compared with other brands, Emerson has many advantages in response speed, strategy formulation, etc., which is guaranteed by the deep strength of international enterprises, There are also flexible measures for local enterprises

fourth: the perfect and thorough service system provides strong guarantee for customers and relieves their worries. Emerson's comprehensive national joint insurance system covers all provinces, cities and autonomous regions in the mainland except Tibet. At the same time, Emerson's 800 free services provide 7 × 24hrs nbsp; Our service enables our customers to enjoy fast and high-quality service whenever and wherever they are. This practice is unprecedented in the industry. All these are the efforts of Emerson and distributors to reduce the cost of ownership and enhance the competitive advantage for customers

in addition, Emerson has many shining points in market publicity, product planning, channel construction, new business development for testers to choose. It is the joint efforts of Emerson and all distributors that have achieved a bumper harvest in the market. Every success embodies the efforts and wisdom of all people

although the past is glorious, the most important thing is to face the future. Emerson has such a clear and rational understanding. Dr. Fang Yichen, President of IAC, predicted that in the next 5-10 years, IAC's strategic goal is to continuously increase its market share through continuous high-speed growth and become one of the top industrial control product suppliers. In order to achieve this goal, Emerson also has a very clear strategy. Emerson will continue to keenly understand and grasp the technical trend of the industry and the personalized needs of customers. In combination with Emerson's deep international R & D accumulation, Emerson will continue to enrich and improve IAC's product portfolio, strive to fully cover the market demand for products, and strive to develop high-performance product applications, from providing users with a single inverter and PLC products, Gradually develop to provide users with high-performance, high-efficiency and cost-effective systematic solutions covering drive, control and human-computer interface, and provide personalized solutions that fully meet the characteristics of customers according to the special needs of different users

in terms of market strategy, the strategy proposed by Mr. meiqiusheng, IAC's marketing director is nbsp; "Intensive cultivation, in-depth expansion, strengthening the industry market, expanding cooperation, improving brands and creating a market environment." In order to realize this strategy, Emerson's marketing team in FY07 will unite with the company's resources, concentrate resources nationwide, deeply understand and analyze the mainstream industries and key customers, and strive to provide competitive product portfolio and solutions for key users by comprehensively introducing and digesting Emerson's global excellent industrial control products, so as to enhance the core competitiveness of customers. This is the key to whether Emerson and its partners can fundamentally change their market position in the new historical period

in terms of partners, Emerson has significantly adjusted channel policies to give more and more valuable support to channels at all levels. In addition to continuously supplying excellent products and solutions, the life characteristics of ring stiffness testing machine also provide comprehensive product, technology, engineering, management and market training to the channel to encourage the sound and rapid development of the channel. In addition, in terms of product publicity, we will take a variety of publicity means to increase publicity efforts and create a more superior market environment for channels. Emerson also paid close attention to overseas markets

the market is like sailing against the current. If you don't advance, you will fall back. Historical achievements only represent past successes. No matter what the current market position is, we should see that the future is full of risks and opportunities. The market does not believe in tears. In the new fiscal year, Emerson has set a higher goal. Therefore, Emerson needs to absorb fresh blood. A number of new distributors have been authorized by Emerson to join the Emerson family, adding more vitality and vigor

through the unremitting efforts and active development of Emerson's marketing personnel and industrial control product distributors across the country, Emerson's sales of industrial control products have made remarkable achievements in FY06, made breakthroughs in some new key industries and new customers, further improved customers' cognition and recognition, and new product promotion meetings, industry exhibitions and technical exchanges have flourished, establishing a certain brand position. In the fierce market competition, a batch of excellent distributors and individuals emerged. At the appreciation dinner, Emerson commended and rewarded these personnel, selected the annual excellent distributors, and awarded the market development award and maintenance award, which played a good incentive role

many distributors also took an active part in the interaction. Some dealers talked about their cooperation with users on the stage and shared their experiences with everyone. The atmosphere at the meeting was very warm. Partners have expressed that they are full of confidence in the future and will invest more resources and spare no effort to expand the market in the future

with passion and brilliant achievements, the 8th national distributor conference of industrial control products of Emerson Energy Co., Ltd. was successfully concluded in an atmosphere full of joy and expectation. Through this distributor conference, Emerson expressed its deep appreciation to the distributors who will work hard for PolyOne at Chinaplas, the largest plastic products exhibition in Asia, indicating Emerson's determination and confidence to continue to unswervingly follow the distribution path. Looking back on yesterday, based on today and looking forward to tomorrow, Emerson will work with many distributors to "comprehensively expand, CO create brands, deepen cooperation and win-win the future"

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