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Brand strategy: build a brand with 10 steps

nowadays, after the competition in price, quality, service and other aspects, the market competition has entered a new stage of de brand competition. Brand is not equal to product. It is a systematic concept and a comprehensive embodiment of the advantages of an enterprise in terms of quality, technology, service and publicity. A successful brand means higher profits and more market share. At present, more and more foreign brands are pouring into China, and the market competition is becoming increasingly fierce. Therefore, the implementation of brand strategy requires enterprises to systematically improve the overall action and promote the upgrading of the brand, which has become the need for the survival and development of enterprises, as well as the inevitable requirement of integrating into international competition

brand entry -- quality degree

quality degree refers to the quality of core products in the brand structure. Because products (including service quality) are the fundamental foundation for the establishment of the skyscraper brand. Without a solid foundation, any popularity and reputation are like a mirage built on the beach. If the same product has different quality, the foundation of the brand will be different. Therefore, the products below a certain period cannot be introduced to the society, and only the products above a certain period can face the marketing market

brand section -- beauty degree

beauty degree is the degree of beauty achieved after a brand image is created. Beautiful things usually leave a deep impression on people. It is easy to move people's hearts when the servo motor is controlled by the speed control system. Whether it is hard packaging or soft packaging, image building is an essential part. Don't underestimate the power of beauty. In the era of visual impact and the overwhelming homogenization of products today, no matter how good a product is, it won't have a good market without beautiful image packaging. Outlining the beautiful image of the brand and establishing the degree of beauty will create a good start for the follow-up development of the brand

second stage of brand - degree of communication

extensive communication is a solid foundation for brand establishment and a strong support for brand development. In today's media society, whether in the initial stage or the mature stage of brand establishment, the supporters of communication are particularly important. How to reach the level of wide coverage and deep influence is the goal of brand communication. In order to expand the brand in the modern media society, it is not enough to rely on visual communication, word-of-mouth communication and advertising communication alone. Instead, it is necessary to carry out integrated communication to spread the brand and win popular support

three stages of brand -- attention degree

whether communication can attract the attention of the media, the public and consumers is the key. If communication does not attract attention, communication is equal to nothing. Public response Jinan new era Gold Testing Instrument Co., Ltd. has carried out internal structure analysis on the experimental machine. The brand has a reaction process for a period of time. When the brand communication gradually attracts public attention and reaches a certain degree, quantitative change can cause qualitative change, and large-scale cognitive response can be caused after impulse chain reaction. Therefore, the focus of brand building at this stage is to attract the public's attention, increase the brand's attention and arouse the public's response

four stages of brand awareness

brand awareness refers to consumers' awareness of the brand. As consumers pay more attention to the brand and have some knowledge of the brand products they contact, consumers begin to pay attention to the brand. However, there is still a leap from attention to a clear understanding of the characteristics, functions, values and characteristics of the product. After a deeper understanding of the brand, the development of the brand has risen a ladder, that is, the cognitive stage of the brand. At this stage, we should pay attention to establishing the popularity of the brand. Comprehensively use advertising, public relations publicity, public relations activities and other publicity methods to strengthen all-round communication with customers

five stages of brand awareness

brand awareness is an important part of brand resources and a prerequisite for forming a brand image and building a successful brand. The higher the brand awareness, the stronger the product's ability to resist competitors. When the brand reaches this level, consumers already have a considerable degree of brand association. If they can associate the brand image with the brand, they will meet their needs through purchase

six stages of brand -- well known products with best selling degree do not necessarily sell well, but well-known brands with best selling degree are brands in higher stages. The best-selling brand is the response of the brand in the productivity, and it is the scientific evaluation index of whether the marketing network is sound or not. If we say that the establishment of popularity is more due to communication, advertising and media hype, the best-selling depends more on product quality, price, network, convenience and service. Therefore, the transformation from popularity to popularity is just like the transformation from air attack to ground attack. There is too much work to be done. Therefore, while building the brand, we must establish a scientific marketing network, comprehensively use the promotion combination, and gradually deepen consumers' understanding of the brand culture and its connotation. Products sell well, which in turn will further increase awareness and popularity

seven sections of brand satisfaction

many well-known brand products disappeared after they became popular. The reason is that they failed to satisfy consumers. In the era of brand marketing, when consumers are satisfied with the brand, they will maintain long-term loyalty to the brand and effectively publicize the performance of the enterprise. When the brand rises to this level, it can be said that the brand has formed greater satisfaction in the minds of consumers. Of course, consumers' satisfaction sometimes not only stays on the characteristics of the product, but also pays more attention to the after-sales service, maintenance and guarantee of the product. Enterprises must constantly improve product quality and service quality to meet the requirements of consumers' satisfaction in many aspects

eight sections of brand -- reputation

reputation refers to the best brand in the minds of consumers, which originates from their own feelings. The consumer is the highest authority to evaluate the style. The reputation of a brand can not be established through advertising, but through the gradual accumulation of awareness and popularity. Therefore, when a brand has a good reputation, it means that it has a good reputation among consumers. It is more important to always take consumers as the core and provide all services to consumers to maintain and improve the brand reputation

nine stages of brand loyalty

brand loyalty refers to the repeated purchase tendency generated by consumers' preference for brands over a long period of time. It is the most important part of brand equity and the final embodiment of the above paragraphs. Once consumers' brand loyalty is formed, it is not easy to be influenced by the image of other competitive brand products. Therefore, it is necessary to improve the popularity of brands in the hearts of consumers, actively establish brands that conform to consumers' interests, desires, interests and hobbies, firmly grasp the hearts of consumers, communicate with consumers, and enhance brand loyalty

ten stages of brand -- degree of compliance the formation of degree of compliance is not achieved overnight, but is the result of layer by layer and comprehensive accumulation of the above stages. When a brand has a wide range of brand compliance, it shows that it is a successful brand, just like the stars adored and followed by the masses, it has a good market sphere of influence and development potential, which can be described as reaching the highest level of brand marketing. At this stage, the brand is already a top-level brand, which is in the leading position in the market. At the same time, it can also adopt contingency or other more advanced testing methods. The resources originally owned by brands with anti vibration characteristics in the automobile industry have become an important source that can bring economic benefits. It can be said that the shaping of the brand has reached an extreme position. For brands that reach this position, the main consideration is to consolidate the position of the brand. The brand has achieved this level not for profit, but for a culture, a career and an art

the name of the brand is just a few words, but the formation of the brand is a long-term, complicated and huge project. Every step needs the efforts of the enterprise in many aspects, and no link can be neglected. The brand is developing step by step, rising layer by layer, gradually sublimating through the forging of ten levels, and finally achieving success, establishing huge and rich intangible assets for the development and expansion of the enterprise. (end)

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