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Brand upgrading wins the market. Xichai Aowei is favored.

nowadays, you can see the majestic posture of Jiefang heavy truck Benz matching with Xichai Aowei engine on the roads north and south of the river

this year, Xichai Aowei engine has won a good reputation among users for its high power, high torque, low emission, low noise, low fuel consumption and long service life. Up to now, the sales volume of various series of engines of Wuxi Diesel Aowei has exceeded 100000 in FAW market alone, and "the most dazzling liberation of Wuxi Diesel" has been staged all over the country

brand upgrading wins the market. Xichai Aowei is favored.

"green city national five launch fully equipped Aowei machine"

on November 12, the Guangxi Regional Promotion Conference of FAW Jiefang national five traction products with the theme of "Jiefang J6 new standard for efficient logistics" was grandly held in Nanning, green city

xuxianzhi, chief consultant of FAW Jiefang company, Zhangchunlin, general manager and Secretary of the Party committee of FAW Jiefang liute company, the product is processed by single-1 polymer. More than 120 leaders of relevant units of the liberation, such as lixuewu, head of the Southwest Marketing Department of FAW Jiefang sales company, dealers in Guangxi, logistics companies and representatives of new and old users, gathered at the activity site to appreciate the style of the five traction products of the liberation, Jointly witness the excellent quality of FAW Jiefang Guowu tractor

the exhibition vehicles presented in this inter departmental and inter regional exhibition are Jiefang's entire series of 6x4 tractors, all equipped with Xichai Aowei engines. At the meeting site, there are not only j6p series 610, but also the maximum distance of twists and turns fulcrum: 100 ⑷ 60mmx4 Tractors Equipped with Xichai ca6dme5 engines, There are also j6p series 6x4 tractor and Jiefang liute Anjie e long head 6x4 tractor of Xichai ca6dm national five Machinery Co., Ltd., which have the six leading capabilities of "maintenance cycle, fuel saving, power, safety, reliability and comfort", as well as jh6 series 6x4 tractor of Xichai ca6dme5 new 13L engine

the sales order of this promotion meeting was 130 sets, which laid a solid foundation for the promotion of the fifth national liberation tractor in Guangxi

"Xichai engine has been selected before buying a car"

in 2016, Xichai Aowei engine became more and more popular in Shanxi market, and its sales volume increased month by month

Shanxi coal hauling users are especially fond of Xichai Aowei machinery. Before buying a car, they should first check whether it is a Xichai engine. According to statistics, the proportion of coal hauling heavy truck Xichai machinery in central and southern Shanxi has reached more than 60%. Up to now, the sales volume of Xichai Aowei alone in Shanxi market this year has been close to 10000 units. Especially, Xichai Aowei is very convenient to replace. 350 and 420 horsepower products are sought after by users. Users' orders have exceeded more than 3000 units in one month. Now the orders have been scheduled to 2017. Some users even blocked the dealer's door for a Jiefang Aowei machine, and the dealer was happy, "it's amazing to sell it out of stock!"

this year, the high-end power products developed by Xichai aiming at the heavy truck market have formed a perfect combination with the super loading capacity and superior driving performance of FAW Jiefang J6, FAW Qingdao jh6, tianv, Humen V and other heavy trucks due to their strong, fuel-efficient, reliable, comfortable, safe and other characteristics. The sales of these products are far ahead among the same products, and have become the preferred power products popular among dealers and end users. In view of this hot market, the marketing service personnel of Xichai business unit in Shanxi carefully planned the product promotion mode, actively cooperated with the terminal maintenance service, and gave the technical introduction of Xichai products and "core service" to every customer

"Xichai Aowei engines have been sold out"

recently, the sales volume of Xichai Aowei engines in Yanzhao has been increasing day by day. In October alone, the sales volume of Xichai Aowei engines in Qingdao Jiefang vehicles has reached 1026, up 325.7% month on month. The sales of Jiefang Qingqi Xichai machinery first benefited from the hot sales of the whole heavy truck industry, and the most important thing is that the excellent quality of Xichai Aowei products has been recognized by users

with the official release of the new gb1589 and the implementation of the strictest policy in the history, the FAW Jiefang 6*4 lightweight tractor equipped with Xichai Aowei products has quickly become a hot product in the truck market. As the king of lightweight products, Qingqi Jiefang has been committed to the research and development of lightweight products. As the representative work of Qingqi Jiefang, the Hummer V 6*4 traction can reduce its self weight to 7.8 tons by matching with Xichai ca6dle4 engine, Such an excellent product was immediately favored by the vast number of users in Hebei after it was launched, resulting in a shortage of goods in many places. The product is seriously in short supply. At present, it has become a hot power product for dealers and end users in Beijing Tianjin Hebei region. In order to further consolidate and expand the market, the marketing service personnel of Beijing Tianjin Hebei Business Department of Xichai actively cooperate with Jiefang company in terminal maintenance, product promotion, understanding the personalized needs of users and winning more orders. (this article is from Xichai)

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