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Jiangsu Hongyao Lighting Group Co., Ltd. is located in Lingtang Industrial Park, Gaoyou, Yangzhou, Jiangsu Province. The factory covers an area of 10000 square meters and has advanced production equipment. The factory has 160 employees and brand solar LED street lamps_ Jiangsu Hongyao lighting group, including 20 technicians and 20 salespeople. Bathed in the spring breeze of reform and opening up, new star employees work hard in unity, based on product diversification, brand solar LED street lamps_ Jiangsu Hongyao Lighting Group strives to create a famous brand of lighting lamps

the company mainly produces outdoor road, square, station, wharf, courtyard and indoor industrial and mining lighting fixtures. Varieties: high pole lamp, single arm lamp will not flow into electric device, double arm lamp, combination lamp, courtyard lamp, projection lamp, lawn lamp, etc., as well as supporting ballast electrical appliances. At the same time, it also produces light control, time control switch box and other electrical products

in recent years, the brand solar LED street lamp has survived and developed in the competition of many domestic and foreign street lamp equipment manufacturers_ Jiangsu Hongyao lighting group owes much to the love and support of new and old users and friends from all walks of life

most of today's solar street lamps and ordinary street lamps use LED street lamp caps as light sources, which consume less power and have high brightness. This is the advantage of LED light sources and is also to increase the working stability of street lamps

1. The high-power LED solar street lamp mainly uses ultra-high thermal conductivity aluminum material as the heat dissipation component, so the design of high-power LED street lamp is questionable to some extent

2. The high-power LED street lamp adopts high transmittance and high refraction optical glass lens. This design can not only ensure the output of luminous flux, but also better play the reflectivity role of high-power LED street lamp to a certain extent

3. The high-power LED street lamp uses high-strength tempered glass as its mirror material, which is conducive to better play its light transmission performance and anti ultraviolet function, so as to give full play to the effect of high-power LED street lamp

4. A stable constant current drive LED power supply is designed. This design can not only better improve its power use efficiency, but also ensure its service life of more than 50000 hours. In addition, the integrated LED technology is used. To a certain extent, it is more necessary for the use and allocation of light beads. If necessary, the rubber around the core of the sample clamping part can be cut off before the experiment

5. The high-power LED street lamp still uses the design of cold light source, which has no heat radiation and conforms to the trend of environmental protection

5. The installation of lamps and lanterns is very simple, and there can be a variety of installation methods. High power LED street lamps save the trouble in this regard. In addition, having a variety of colors to choose from is also a very humanized design, making it more colorful

it is estimated that lighting alone accounts for 12% of China's total annual electricity consumption, which exceeds 461billion kwh. This is a heavy price for enterprises, cities and cities. Solar lighting can not only provide economic comfort, but also serve as a green alternative to traditional lighting. They are independent and unstructured, with LED technology that requires little maintenance throughout their life cycle. These installations cost less than utility lighting and continue to save a lot of money for most installations in the short and long term

the solar lighting system will save money in the short and long term, because there is no need to run permanent power and the lamp is easy to assemble and install. These systems use efficient LED devices to provide uniform lighting on the road and are compatible in dark skies, so light is not wasted. If the road is in a landmark area, more fixtures for decoration and architectural design may be required

how can we choose solar street lamps that meet these requirements

I. solar street lamps with good quality and long service life

we should choose LED solar street lamps produced by regular solar street lamp manufacturers. Now there are a large number of leather bag companies and small workshops in the market. We must know how to choose regular solar street lamp manufacturers. As long as it is a regular manufacturer, its product quality optimization and after-sales service will not be bad

II. Solar street lamps with good lighting effect

the lighting effect is mainly related to the size of the LED street lamp head power used by the solar street lamp to burn the lubricating oil taken out into ash for chemical analysis or spectral analysis. The higher the power, the higher the brightness, and the better the overall brightness effect. The power is proportional to the required solar street lamp configuration. The greater the power of LED street lamp cap, the higher the required solar street lamp configuration. If the configuration is higher, the price of solar street lamp will also increase. Therefore, we want to buy solar street lamps with good brightness effect. We should try our best to accept the reasonable scheme configured by the regular solar street lamp manufacturer tourier culture

understand the above two points. As long as you strictly follow the above methods, you will definitely choose high-quality solar street lamps. In addition, I would like to remind you that recently, many low-cost solar street lamps have appeared in the market. Most of their system voltages are 3.2V or 3.7V. This kind of solar street lamps not only have poor quality and short service life, but also have poor lighting effect. Therefore, tourier culture suggests that if you have a sufficient budget, you should try to choose LED solar street lamps with 12V or 24V system voltage

the relatively weak competition among prefectures and counties also enables the dealers in prefectures and counties to live a better life. In general, there are only a dozen or twenty professional lighting merchants in today's county-level cities, so the distribution is reasonable, unlike the excessive competition in provincial cities. The situation in prefecture level cities across the country is also different. Some cities also have 1 to 2 professional markets, ranging from dozens to hundreds of lighting businesses. In addition to the saturation of some cities, the competition is not as fierce as that of provincial cities

therefore, the business of prefectures and counties is easier to do than that of provincial cities, and the merchants also live more comfortably. Of course, any phenomenon has its relativity. There are also merchants who live well in provincial cities, and there are also merchants who live badly in prefectures and counties. From the perspective of pattern, the sales pattern and share of provincial cities are certainly larger than that of prefectures and counties. Both the consumption power and radiation power are unmatched by prefectures and counties. Of course, it should be emphasized here, except Changzhou, Linyi and ancient towns of origin

however, the great change in Changzhou and Linyi is that retail sales are increasing year by year. Although the wholesale volume is large, the products are becoming more and more low-end. The emergence of this watershed has doomed brand manufacturers with franchised stores as the core to no longer follow the traditional wholesale road. The most likely thing is to set up their own offices or operation centers

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