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Brand new wheels and tires bring a different experience to the car

in some cases, parking the car can be a difficult thing. If you park in parallel, but after you are ready for the 4D printing period, the front and rear vehicles will be close to each other, making it impossible for the user's vehicle to leave the parking space. Now inventor William liddiard has demonstrated a new set of wheels and tires that allow the vehicle to move in an incredible way

the tire itself can move on the wheel hub to make the vehicle slide and rotate laterally. It seems that the vehicle is moved by tens of millions of ants. William liddiard said that these all-round wheels are bolted and can be installed on any vehicle. The tire itself uses the same rubber as the ordinary tire, and the groove design allows the vehicle to drive safely on the road

it is worth noting that William L has high elasticity and breathability. The iddiard video presentation seems to have an acceleration problem, indicating that the actual movement of the tire is very slow. William liddyard claims that the entire system can direct 24000 pounds of torque to the tires. He didn't say how large-scale torque came about

the running speed of this kind of tire can be adjusted by changing the gear ratio through the speed controller. William liddiard has applied for a patent for this invention in many countries

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