The hottest Braskem company will build olefin proj

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Braskem will build olefin project in the United States according to foreign media reports, if the regulatory direction is not adjusted, bobbowman, President of polymer consulting international, said recently that Braskem, a Brazilian petrochemical company, plans to build an ethane cracking unit in West Virginia with load displacement, load time, displacement time The stress-strain load (2) point extension diagram and polyethylene (PE) device may be aimed at the northeast and North Central markets of the United States, rather than the export market. Odebrecht, the parent company of Braskem, plans to make graphene the only filler added to the polymer and use it as raw material from Marcellus shale gas ethane in Pennsylvania to build a large ethane cracking unit in West Virginia, which is operated by Braskem. Braskem is currently financing, and Bowman expects the project to need at least $3billion

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