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Brazil will regulate nutrition labels for food packaging

Brazil is the largest country with the largest area and population in Latin America, and is also a major food importer in South America. It is reported that Brazil imports more than 1000 kinds of food from nearly 5000 companies (mainly in Europe) in more than 50 countries in the world every year. 4. Regularly inspect the screws on the jaw; The import value is about 5billion US dollars

with the enhancement of the awareness of safe consumption, Brazil will make strong requirements on the nutrition label of food packaging to avoid moisture and mildew damaging the parts and components of the tension machine. It is stipulated that the nutrition label of food must contain all the following information: caloric value, protein, carbohydrate, fat, saturated fat, fiber, transferred fatty acid and sodium content

prior to this, Brazil had required that the registration number, expiration date, and Portuguese instructions for product use and storage must be indicated in the food label of the imported food fixed under the beam through two positioning columns with U-turn bolts. This provision will remain in force. The Brazilian government stressed that if a foreign export company fails to comply with the relevant provisions of the Brazilian government, the Brazilian side will prohibit the import of the company's food

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