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Brand packaging improves brand

standardization of packaging brings packaging brand effect

2005, the continuous standardization of packaging forms by the state dominated brand packaging

in the dairy industry, the General Administration of quality supervision, inspection and quarantine and the National Standardization Administration issued the guidelines for the implementation of national standards for food labeling. It stipulates that from june1,2006, the word "fresh" will not be used in the packaging labels of all dairy products. The appearance of the "fresh food ban order" has completely subverted the packaging form in which some dairy enterprises put the word "fresh" on the packaging. In 2005, as a connecting year between the preceding and the following, in order to continue to stabilize the country and highlight the brand quality, the major brand dairy enterprises began to find another way out in packaging to create brand advantages through packaging

in the tobacco industry, in September2005, the state tobacco monopoly administration successively issued two documents, the new national standard and the provisions on packaging labels, in order to regulate tobacco production and packaging. The document stipulates that from the first half of 2006, imported cigarettes printed in various foreign languages without striking Chinese characters will not be sold in the Chinese market, such as Marlboro, 555, seven stars, health brand, Davidoff and other foreign cigarette brand packaging will face rectification; The cigarette package must be marked with the carbon monoxide content index. At the same time, it is not allowed to use the efficacy description terms of cigarette components such as "health care", "curative effect", "safety", "environmental protection" and "low harm", the cigarette quality description terms such as "light taste", "ultra light taste" and "domestic environmental protection verification cause great depression on the supply end" and "soft", and the terms such as "medium low tar", "low tar" and "low tar content" are not allowed, If extreme terms such as "best", "best" and "gold medal" have been used, or words with feudal color or false elements such as "imperial", "tribute" have been used, they should be modified in the process of product transformation or brand integration, which has great prospects. These regulations put the word propaganda on the cigarette packaging into the cold palace, thus making the value of the brand more important. Without the temptation of words, brand has become the most important factor for consumers. This also makes the major tobacco enterprises pay more attention to the brand effect of cigarette packaging

culture and taste, the two characteristics of brand packaging

brands are brands not only because they are a specific name, symbol or design, or their combined use, but also because enterprises can convey the functional and emotional interests that consumers care about through brands. 3 Dual report: a completely open user report, which reflects the value and brings huge pollution culture and personality to our environment. Therefore, the biggest difference between the packaging of brand products and ordinary products lies not in the change of packaging form, but in the integration of brand taste and culture in packaging design. Therefore, a successful brand packaging often shows the shadow of the two, or both

in 2005, the packaging of some brands made innovations based on this point. The packaging of these brands may use high-end materials to show the grade of the brand, such as the transparent toothpaste packaging of nays; Or it adopts advanced printing technology and fashionable packaging design to show the market positioning of the product, such as the packaging box of San Miguel beer; Or use the history and culture of this brand to make a big fuss, such as: the packaging of wind seeking and bone penetrating tablets with Tai Chi patterns; Other products fuse the three into one furnace, presenting the brand features one by one... No matter how the brand packaging changes, culture and taste are always the two characteristics

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