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Spring benefits hit the official flagship store of Yuzhan. Tmall opened "buy and get free" and "sell when full"

with the spring full of birds and flowers, the official flagship store of Yuzhan, a global technology leader, officially opened in tmall Mall (). As the official flagship store of tmall launched for the first time, Yuzhan not only brings convenience and speed to consumers to buy high-quality Yuzhan brand storage products, but also aims to give back to the majority of consumers during the opening period by launching a sincere spring benefit and good gift double feedback promotion. From now on to April 15, in addition to purchasing any goods on the shelves in the store at the promotional price, consumers are also prepared to give away when they buy and reduce when they are full. Let consumers enjoy the most sincere benefits in this vibrant spring

the official flagship store of Yuzhan tmall ()

on the basis of the whole low-cost promotion and postage, Yuzhan also prepared the most sincere double gift for consumers to make the scratch needle on the scale always press on the test piece, which will be affordable and upgraded. The first major gift is free if you buy it. During the event, consumers can get a limited edition exquisite pendant if they buy any product in the official flagship store of Yuzhan tmall. The second major gift will be reduced when it is full. During the event, a single transaction and housing is indispensable. 1. Part of the order will be reduced by 5 yuan if it is over 99 yuan, 20 yuan if it is over 199 yuan, 50 yuan if it is over 499 yuan, and 100 yuan if it is over 899 yuan. Exquisite gifts and incremental full luxury gift feedback have surprised consumers this spring

it is understood that the products sold in the official flagship store of Yuzhan tmall cover flash drives, SD cards, TF cards, mobile hard disks, memory modules and other categories. Among them, there are more than 20 types of flash disk products. In addition to the creative appearance design, each type can also play a unique role in terms of reading performance. A series of classic products, such as angel wings series USB flash disk that shows personality, iron man USB flash disk that is the first choice for fashionable business, and the new Senling USB flash disk that integrates the charm of nature

in addition, the store has also prepared a number of class 10 series high-speed memory cards for photography enthusiasts. The characteristics of this series of memory cards are capacity. Therefore, this is a revolution to seize the commanding heights of the future manufacturing industry. The super large data transmission rate is ultra fast, which can meet the needs of photography enthusiasts for data transmission in the era of high picture quality, and can also enjoy the uncompressed high-quality video and audio storage experience. In addition, many class 10 TF cards are sold in the store for users, which not only have strong compatibility, but also have high data transmission rate. During the event, consumers can enjoy the quality of large factories with ultra-low promotional prices

according to the relevant person in charge of Yuzhan, the official flagship store of Yuzhan entered tmall mall this time to provide consumers with a more convenient and affordable Yuzhan shopping platform to ensure that consumers buy 100% authentic, high-quality and high-quality storage products

it is not difficult to see that this time, Yuzhan launched its official flagship store in an all-round way, highlighting the world's leading technology manufacturers, providing consumers with a new and convenient way to buy. At the same time, it also used a series of promotional activities such as spring benefits and good gifts, so that consumers could easily experience the charm of the world's leading cultural plastic storage technology products at affordable prices in this vibrant spring

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APACER Yuzhan technology spans the fields of memory modules, industrial SSDs and consumer digital products, and is one of the world's leading manufacturers with integrated R & D, design, manufacturing and marketing capabilities. Since its establishment, it has continuously pursued the development of various reliable innovative products and services in line with the brand spirit "access the best". Yuzhan technology's customer base covers global dealers, equipment manufacturers and retail customers, and not only provides customers with high-efficiency, high stability, and high-value memory and flash memory; It also provides consumers with innovative digital storage and peripheral products that can easily record, store and share digital data in their daily lives

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