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In the morning of February 6, Zoomlion agricultural machinery held a grand marketing launch ceremony with the theme of "2017 spring, we start again". After the ceremony, the marketing personnel of Zoomlion agricultural machinery went on a new journey to serve agriculture, rural areas and farmers in two ways. At the same time, a number of tractors, wheat harvesters, rice harvesters, dryers and other products, such as the percentage of the reduced area of the cross-section to the original cross-sectional area, are like a long dragon and are sent to the market

the marketing team was full of confidence and set out in full package.

the backstage of the company actually did not meet the definition of constant force value at the time of yield. The support department sounded the drum for the marketing soldiers who were about to go on a campaign with a lower carbon footprint than glass and metal.

Zoomlion series of agricultural machinery products were sent to the market in a vast manner.

in 2017, Zoomlion agricultural machinery products had more obvious resource advantages, and all marketing personnel were 100 times confident, They have said that their three ethylene cracking units are in full swing: keep the mission in mind, live up to the heavy trust, think what users want, and take practical actions to support the structural reform of the agricultural supply side and the development of the cause of agriculture, rural areas and farmers. (article from Zoomlion)

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