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Spring brings good news! Give us the strength to work hard - Jingxing paper

release date: Source: Jingxing paper

on March 19, the "opening up Jiaxing" conference and the high-quality development conference of private economy and manufacturing industry were held in Jiaxing. At the conference, a group of excellent entrepreneurs with both political integrity and ability, good management, world vision and innovative vitality were commended, among them, Zhu Zailong, chairman of the company, was awarded the honorary title of "meritorious entrepreneur" in Jiaxing City for his anti sweat and water effect

On March 21, Pinghu City held a mobilization meeting to comprehensively promote the first strategy and make breakthroughs in the four major projects. At the meeting, a group of advanced collectives and individuals who have emerged in the city in the past year on all fronts to strive for excellence and pursue their dreams were commended. Zhejiang Jingxing Paper Co., Ltd. was awarded the honorary title of "annual taxpayer"

on March 28, the six action mobilization meeting and annual work meeting of "beautiful homeland Red community" in Caoqiao street were held. At the meeting, advanced collectives and individuals emerging from the whole street in 2019 were commended in terms of materials. Among them, the company won the honors of "advanced collectives in 2019", "advanced collectives in Party Construction in 2019", "charity star enterprises in 2019" and a number of individual advanced individuals

entrepreneurs are an important force to promote economic and social development. During the more than 30 years at the helm of Jingxing, Zhu Zailong developed Jingxing from an unknown small township paper mill to today's listed company. He gave full play to his entrepreneurial spirit and talents, actively promoted the transformation and upgrading of enterprises, deepened internal reform, talent training, green development, and fulfilled society

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