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There is no threat to seek cooperation between inkjet and silk screen printing. In terms of the emission performance of typical PP resin and additives in Table 1, although inkjet will occupy a certain position in the whole printing industry and should not be removed and properly preserved for a long time, the direct impact on silk printing is very small. 1. It is suggested that opening the machine equipment is unsuccessful. Inkjet printing technology can not match the performance achieved by some silk printing. On the contrary, silk printing can not achieve the performance of inkjet printing in some aspects. For example, silk printing is difficult to copy 40 μ M, while some inkjet machines can accurately copy points less than 1 μ Point of M. On the other hand, silk printing performs well in printing some thick surface prints, printing PCB, welding masks, glittering patterns on i-shirts, and even instructing enterprises in measuring management to check for omissions and fill in missing numbers that can be erased from lottery tickets

in image reproduction, ink-jet printing and silk printing will copy patterns of the same thickness on textiles, so there is competition. In industrial applications, the overlap of the two applications is very small, and each industry has its own focus. Silk printing is rarely used in fields outside the image reproduction industry, such as printing on the pad surface facial mask, decorative plates and industrial labels. Therefore, the threat of inkjet to the silk printing industry does not mean that it will replace silk printing

printing CDs, DVDs and related media are developed from silk printing. Today, hundreds of companies and thousands of machines are still engaged in this work. Although inkjet also tried to carry out decorative printing on CDs, silk printing still maintained an absolute advantage, and inkjet technology can only be used in homes and offices. In the future, CDs and DVDs will be replaced by media with super storage function, which provides opportunities for inkjet printing rather than silk printing

another example is PCB Printing, especially in Asia, where the printing volume is relatively large, wire printing still occupies a dominant position in basic imaging, welding mask and legend printing. For legend printing, inkjet is a good finisher, but in the current PCB format, the performance of printed circuit board and welding mask is not very good. However, this situation will soon change. There is no doubt that the electronic crosslinking industry will develop to higher density and lighter, and the products will be smaller, so that silk printing can no longer be used, and inkjet printing will have its own place

inkjet printing is not actually a threat to silk printing, but more opportunities for cooperation. By wisely investing in the second-generation inkjet system, it will help silk printers to maintain a dominant position in business forever and actively seek better business opportunities

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