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Spotlight Technology issued 45million shares on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange gem today

spotlight Technology (Hangzhou) Co., Ltd. issued 45million shares on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange gem at 20 yuan/share, stock code: 300203, stock abbreviation: spotlight technology

as a leading enterprise in the domestic environmental monitoring, industrial plastic extruder auxiliary device introduction, process analysis and safety monitoring instrument industry, the company has always taken independent research and development as the core current development strategy, and has become the core force in the technical development of China's environmental monitoring, industrial process analysis and safety monitoring instrument industry. At present, it has more than 100 patented technologies, and the compound growth rate of the company's main business income in the past three years is 35.55%, The compound growth rate of net profit was 43.13%, and the growth rate of net profit was significantly higher than that of revenue

the director of the company then turned the hand wheel. Wang Jian, the chief engineer, said that the company is the world's leading supplier of environmental and safety detection and analysis instruments in the field of tissue scaffold manufacturing through FDM process. At present, the capacity utilization rate of main products is more than 90%, and some product lines have been in the state of overload production. The industrial process analysis system, digital environmental protection information system and other construction projects invested with raised funds will effectively alleviate this situation. In addition, after the completion of the environmental monitoring system construction project, the annual sales revenue will increase by 129 million yuan and the profit will be 36 million yuan, which will help the company continue to expand its market share in the fields of industry, environmental protection, safety and so on

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