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Spraying machine lime slurry spraying machine Xingtai fuqiyuan Machinery Co., Ltd.

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spraying machine lime slurry spraying machine Xingtai fuqiyuan Machinery Co., Ltd.

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fuqiyuan lime slurry spraying machine advantages therefore precision instruments: the type mortar spraying machine and grouting machine produced by our company are suitable for: expansion joint leakage, settlement joint leakage, subway leakage, Tunnel leakage, mine leakage stoppage, civil air defense leakage stoppage project, dam leakage stoppage, floor, crack, air test speed 0 (4) 5 times/minute (can be set), tacit speed: 40 times/minute drum reinforcement, indoor and outdoor spraying, cement mortar spraying, dry powder can now meet the basic needs of the domestic market, mortar spraying, waterproof grouting and waterproof surface spraying, waterproof spraying, grouting, ceiling spraying, wall spraying, paint spraying, garden spraying, Relief effect coating spraying, handicraft spraying, emulsion paint, rockery spraying, sculpture spraying, sound-absorbing material spraying

fuqiyuan lime slurry spraying machine is to filter the mixed cement mortar through a vibrating screen; Let the bone paste with diameter less than 6mm enter the spraying machine; It is delivered to the nozzle through pipeline; With the help of compressed air, the slurry is continuously and evenly sprayed on the construction face; Level and rub the surface to finish painting the decorative surface. The decorative mask sprayed by Wuzhou brand cement mortar spraying machine has the characteristics of dense ash layer, strong adhesion, high permeability resistance, material saving and so on. It is more effective for the concrete shear wall with low water absorption, reducing labor intensity and improving labor efficiency; The average wall thickness of spraying construction is two centimeters, and 1200 square meters can be sprayed according to 8 hours a day

common fault treatment of lime slurry spraying machine:

1. During the working process, it suddenly stops automatically. The possible reasons are:

a: the power supply on the construction site will be cut off suddenly. If the power supply will not be restored in a short time, the power supply must be cut off, the conveying hose, pump core and all accessories must be removed, and cleaned. When disassembling the conveying pipe, the dismantling place must be covered with packaging bags or other items to prevent the sudden release of pressure in the pipe at the moment of disassembly and the danger of shooting mortar

b: if the motor is overloaded, check whether the fuse is blown

2. the slurry is too dry or the shutdown time is too long and it is not cleaned, which may lead to blocking failure. Blocking fault is also one of the causes of overload. In this case, the blocked part must be dredged. Turn off the power first, and do not disassemble the spray Qiang or delivery hose immediately, otherwise the huge pressure in the pipe will be released from the disassembly place, and the blasting mortar will be dangerous

a: turn the power supply to the reverse direction

b: press the button to start the machine and turn it back for about 30 seconds to reduce the pressure in the conveying pipe

c: remove the spray Qiang and clean it. Check whether the nozzle is blocked

d: turn the power switch to forward rotation and start the machine

e: if there is no material sent out from the conveying hose, it indicates that the pipe is blocked. Connect the cleaned spray Qiang, and then continue the spraying work

f: if no material is sent out from the conveying hose, it indicates that it is blocked in the pipe, and it can be opened and reversed several times. If there is still no material to be sent out, remove the conveying pipe for cleaning and dredging, and remove the conveying hose only after it is turned upside down

g: connect the dredged delivery pipe, then turn the button to forward, and restart the machine

3. the machine runs normally, but the slurry is very slow or does not come out. The possible reasons are:

a: the pump core has been worn for a long time. How to judge whether the pump core is worn? A pressure gauge can be connected between the outlet of the pump core and the delivery hose. If the pressure gauge shows little or no pressure, it can be judged that the pump core has been worn. That is to replace the pump core

b: the rotating part in the hopper is evacuated to form a space, because the slurry is too dry or the dry powder flow is poor, which is not suitable for mechanical operation. In this case, the pump core will produce dry friction due to no material, which will soon cause the pump core to produce high temperature and burn out

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