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Spring and summer yarn exhibition science and technology low carbon sing the keynote

in the spring of 2012, China International Textile yarn (spring and summer) exhibition will be fully dressed again. It is understood that Indian rminternational company, which has participated in the yarn Exhibition for two consecutive sessions, will continue to participate in this yarn exhibition and launch traditional high-quality cotton yarn products at this exhibition

in the spring of 2012, China International Textile yarn (spring and summer) exhibition will be unveiled again. In order to meet the needs of many textile enterprises and professional buyers at home and abroad, the spring and summer yarn exhibition held from March 29 to 31 will continue to be held in Beijing China International Trade Center as one of the three major activities of "March textile spring market action", with a display area of 5500 square meters. The exhibition will take "fashion + technology + low carbon" as the theme, bringing a new experience to the industry

through the joint efforts of professional associations and textile fiber and yarn enterprises under the China Textile Industry Federation, China International Textile yarn exhibition has played a positive and important role in improving the overall level of China's textile industry chain and strengthening cooperation and exchanges in the textile industry at home and abroad

over the years, the central government, the SAR government and Hong Kong society have made the greatest efforts to participate in the generation of opportunities for exchanges and brewing cooperation.

after years of accumulation and development, the exhibition function of China International Textile yarn exhibition has been continuously enriched and improved. This exhibition will be held on the basis of the most complete industry information and the most real market trends, with a total specific migration of 0.05mg/kg in 2012/2; 4. Updated the restrictions, released the popular trend of yarn products in 2013, guided enterprises to carry out technological upgrading and product innovation, and showed yarn, fiber, knitwear and knitted fabrics with high technical content and strong sense of fashion to the industry, so as to promote the development of new technologies and products in the downstream industry and improve the fashion level of downstream products. This exhibition will continue to build a fair, interactive and flexible trade platform for enterprises. Nearly 100 well-known yarn and fiber enterprises at home and abroad will not only display their latest products here, but also seek more strategic partners here to work together to enrich yarn varieties

Wuxi Yimian, which has always won a good reputation with first-class management and excellent product quality, has always been a follower of the yarn exhibition. They believed that through participating in the exhibition, they could better understand the market, obtain extensive information, strengthen exchanges and cooperation with their peers, and effectively guide the production and operation of enterprises. At this yarn exhibition, Wuxi Yimian will bring cotton compact yarn, polyester cotton CVC compact yarn, viscose compact Siro yarn and new fiber compact parts represented by Tencel and modal, which can be transparent, translucent or opaque to spin October 2014 yarn. These yarn varieties are made of the best quality cotton such as Xinjiang long staple cotton, American Pima cotton and arterial cotton, thus ensuring the excellent quality of the yarn

Blum Oriental Co., Ltd. is a leading enterprise in China's color textile industry. Since the first yarn exhibition, Blum has participated in the yarn exhibition every year, and the scale of the exhibition has been expanding. In recent years, Blum has been committed to the R & D and production of environmental friendly products. The products participating in this exhibition will mainly be innovative and environmental friendly yarns. These colored textile products are the latest R & D and production of the company, and have obvious innovation in the whole industry. Innovative and environmentally friendly yarn can not only meet the needs of downstream enterprises for high-quality products, but also realize resource reuse

Dezhou Huayuan Ecological Technology Co., Ltd. is a well-known multi fiber blended yarn manufacturer in the industry, focusing on the development of new fiber yarn. Its leading products are new cellulose fiber, fine denier fiber, flame retardant fiber yarn, cashmere blended yarn, spun silk blended yarn, hemp fiber blended yarn, differentiated functional fiber yarn, organic cotton yarn, etc. The raw materials used by Dezhou Huayuan involve more than 50 fiber types and nearly 100 specifications. At this yarn exhibition, Dezhou Huayuan will launch hygroscopic heating yarn, hygroscopic quick drying composite yarn, fine denier high-strength viscose yarn and vortex spinning functional yarn. These new yarns have obtained patents in China and have broad market prospects. In addition, Dezhou Huayuan will also show textile yarn system solutions at the yarn exhibition, and design different products for customers with personalized needs

Baoding Zhongfang Yimian Textile Co., Ltd. is one of the first enterprises in China to produce large-scale Lanjing Tencel, Lanjing mudale, Tianzhu fiber and other new fiber yarns. At this yarn exhibition, China Textile Yimian will continue to display differentiated fiber, multi-component blended yarn series and other advantageous products, mainly including blended yarn of Tencel, Tianzhu fiber, hemp fiber, conductive fiber, water-soluble vinylon, fine denier acrylic fiber and other fibers

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