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[exhibition news] to make it easier to buy and sell construction machinery, Feng construction machinery was grandly launched

on November 28, the launch conference of Feng construction machinery was grandly held at the 2018 Shanghai BMW exhibition in Shanghai New International Expo Center. It is the goal and long cherished wish of Feng construction machinery to explore new fields of construction machinery interconnection with the thinking of interconnection + construction machinery

speech by LV Ying, Deputy Secretary General of China Construction Machinery Industry Association

Feng construction machinery, founded in July 2017, is a large-scale construction machinery service platform focusing on a series of services and support such as the sale, rental and maintenance of construction machinery. In the form of brand entry, the store operates independently, creating a one-stop service platform with the most specialized but high technical threshold in the construction machinery industry. We have been deeply engaged in the offline construction machinery market for many years, and have rich brand resources of construction machinery and hundreds of thousands of customers. At the press conference, Mr. LV Ying, Deputy Secretary General of China Construction Machinery Industry Association, Mr. Zhang Xinong, Secretary General of road construction machinery branch, Mr. Wu Xuesong, Secretary General of construction mechanization branch, Mr. Jia Xianda, CEO of Fengfeng construction machinery, and Mr. Wu Peng, general manager of Fengfeng construction machinery jointly opened the holographic launch ceremony, marking the official departure of Fengfeng construction machinery

Jia Xianda, CEO of Fengfeng construction machinery, shared the operation mode of Fengfeng construction machinery

this press conference Fengfeng construction machinery invited Mr. LV Ying, Deputy Secretary General of China Construction Machinery Industry Association. At the event, Mr. LV Ying said that in the era of Internet, IOT and artificial intelligence, Chinese enterprises also have their own specific advantages. The world's largest consumer group and Internet user group, huge equipment ownership and massive equipment operation data are the best opportunities for Chinese enterprises to achieve "overtaking on Curves". As long as we are brave in trying and innovation, and stay at the forefront of technological development, There is a chance to catch up with or even surpass the international leading enterprises. Tencent and Alibaba are not easy to break. Pakistan, and Huawei have set an example for us. The innovative mode of interconnection + construction machinery service, such as Fengfeng construction machinery, is officially needed by the construction machinery industry at present

Mr. Jia Xianda, CEO of Fengfeng construction machinery, said in his speech at the event that Fengfeng construction machinery takes a portal perpendicular to the construction machinery industry as a form of presentation, and serves the market by establishing a perfect brand, dealer store B2C system. At present, Fufeng store has three main products and services: brand flagship store A spokesman for mtorres, a dealer, said, "at present, flagship stores and second-hand equipment stores may open their exclusive stores at 5 ℃ through one click on the Feng construction machinery platform, so as to obtain new product publicity and marketing modes under the Internet +o2o mode, such as model display, model evaluation, live activity broadcast, second-hand equipment trading, etc. reassurance "Magic Needle - precision evaluation stick, accurately evaluate each second-hand equipment, so that each engineering equipment has its own value. At the same time, Feng also has an information section, which timely and accurately reports on industry hotspots, brand dynamics, product bulletins, etc.

Feng construction machinery's goal is to be Alibaba in the construction machinery industry, and its service purpose is to make it easier to buy and sell construction machinery. Heroes are needed in every era, and every industry has We need pioneers. Fan Feng is willing to be the pioneer and guardian of "interconnection +" in the construction machinery industry with your colleagues, and truly bring the industry development dividends to every practitioner in the construction machinery industry

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