The hottest spring and summer colors in 2020 look

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2020 spring and summer colors in advance

2020 spring and summer colors in advance

November 19, 2019

2020 spring and summer colors were grandly released under the prediction of authoritative institutions. The colors of this season combine a variety of styles such as freshness, elegance, enthusiasm and romance, and each one is fascinating. As the colors of Gaoding fashion, they shine brightly on the models, creating the most dazzling scenery on the international T-stage

if these popular colors are used for home decoration, what effect can they produce? Come and see


WGSN, an authoritative London fashion trend analysis organization as famous as Pantone, predicts that "in 2020, Neo Mint will become a new popular coating with this kind of special structure leading to changes in performance"

mint green is an asexual neutral color, which has more inclusiveness and a sense of future. The home of mint green color is soft, quiet, refreshing and balanced. It is a fresh tone full of foreign flavor, which can add brightness to the space, suitable for large-scale use and maintain subtle calm

clear water blue

it's no surprise that clear water blue has entered the list of 2020 popular colors. It has a sense of advanced and indifferent to the world, and quietly squeezed into the ranks of popularity. It is suitable for both movement and stillness, elegant and energetic, with a unique comfortable and pleasant charm, giving people an unrestrained, relaxed and comfortable feeling

clear water blue, with its own gentle and graceful temperament, in such a space, it seems to be able to calm the dry heat and relieve the mood

melon orange

this experiment is full of infinite vitality, which can be used for quick quality control and inspection. Orange is an important color in the fashion circle in the past two years. This year's orange, with a little pink tone, is softer and highlights the sense of a girl

melon orange has sweet and gentle attributes, as well as the unrestrained and vitality of tropical fruits. Decorated with melon orange, the whole space is filled with a warm atmosphere, as if to see the hospitable host smile, increasing the intimacy between people

ancient golden yellow

ancient golden yellow originates from the ancient and mysterious country - Egypt. It is the symbolic color of the royal family, noble and elegant. Ancient golden yellow gives people a rich sense of satisfaction. Although it is bright in color, it is not dazzling, dazzling or frivolous, but has a stable and mature temperament

the ancient golden home seems to be full of sunshine, which adds a sense of light to the space with poor lighting at the same time, creates an optimistic, positive and cheerful home atmosphere, and brings a warm atmosphere

blackcurrant purple

in the originally noble 3 Impurity filtered purple is mixed with some pink tones, which ushers in blackcurrant purple full of fairy temperament. It has a unique classical and elegant beauty and is extremely charming

blackcurrant purple has a feminine tenderness inside, which is often used to dress up women's bedrooms. It is romantic, comfortable, and slightly melancholy

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