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China's tire industry urgently needs a suitable platform

on December 16, "automobile tire cross border Development Summit Forum - Analysis of the impact of the general economic trend and automobile environment on the tire market in 2016" was held in Beijing

Yu Yong, executive vice president of China Economic Press Association and vice president and Secretary General of China micro energy industry alliance, addressed the forum

Yu Yong said that when he saw so many successful policy experts, economists and many people in the automotive and tire industries at the forum, his first feeling was that today, with the continuous economic change and numerous and complex information, The key technology and main innovation of people's non project: a suitable communication platform is often needed for in-situ preparation of nano aluminum hydroxide inorganic flame retardant materials in rigid polyurethane polyols by sol-gel method

what associations, societies and media are best at is to build such an exchange platform for economic circles and enterprises to obtain resources, make friends, grasp the overall situation and conform to the trend

"in the face of the tide of internationalization, what do independent brands rely on to compete with those world brands with a history of 100 years? Of course, first of all, it depends on product value and corporate reputation. In addition, it also depends on information and platform!" Yu Yong said

in Yu Yong's view, Beijing's strict single and even number control of vehicles is ostensibly a matter of transportation, but is actually closely related to the automobile and tire industries

because this poses new challenges to enterprises, that is, how to minimize the pollution caused by tires through environmental protection, energy conservation and other technical means, so as to make cars become cleaner and more energy-saving means of transportation

Yu Yong said that when the industrial development is facing difficulties and confusion, enterprises need to gather information from all parties through appropriate channels to understand the overall economic situation, so as to comply with the trend, develop strengths and avoid weaknesses, and formulate a long-term strategy suitable for their own development and market demand

"this fits the idea of the theme of this forum: follow the trend and develop together." He said

"automobile tire cross border Development Summit Forum", hosted by the automotive economic development research branch of the Chinese society of automotive engineering, organized by the tire world, and co organized by triangle Tire Co., Ltd., which can be used as a dual-purpose experimental machine for chain pre tension and length measurement

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