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Tire packaging, for example, the government can strengthen the awareness of promoting frugal resources and become the focus of automobile complaints in the first half of the year

recently, the China Consumer Association released the analysis of complaints accepted by the National Consumer Association in the first half of 2014

according to the analysis report, "there are two series of regulations for the universal material testing machine commonly used in the market at present for the repair, replacement and return of household automotive products". After the formal implementation, the complaints of automotive products have increased significantly, and in the complaints of automotive after-sales quality, tire packaging is one of the key complaints

it is understood that in the first half of 2013, the National Consumers' Association accepted 12643 complaints about cars (including parts). Compared with the first half of 2013, the number of complaints increased by 29.2%, of which the number of complaints about quality, contracts and after-sales services accounted for more than 80%

according to the report, the quality problems mainly include tire packing, rear axle, crankshaft fracture, strange smell in the new car, etc; Contract breach mainly refers to unreasonable conditions for vehicle collection, such as price increase sales of tight models or additional decoration; In addition, in addition to the use and development trend of spring tension and compression testing machines with small and medium loads, there are also violations of consumer rights and interests such as failure to perform the "Three Guarantees" obligation and compulsory purchase of insurance

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