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China's tire industry responded positively to the EU labeling law

in October 2009, the EU issued the directive on tire labeling for fuel efficiency and other basic parameters, which came into force on November 1, 2012, which is both a challenge and an opportunity for China's tire industry and enterprises. China's tire industry and enterprises have responded with a positive attitude and taken effective measures

first, it is an inevitable trend to formulate and implement tire labeling laws

now more and more countries are brewing or have implemented tire labeling laws

1. The EU tire labeling law requires that all tires of passenger cars, vans, trucks and buses newly produced after July 1, 2012 and sold in EU countries from November 1 of that year must be classified and labeled with fuel efficiency, wetland adhesion and noise performance. At the same time, tires are divided into seven grades A-G according to fuel efficiency and wet adhesion. A represents the highest performance and G represents the worst performance. The purpose of formulating the labeling law is to guide consumers to buy more energy-saving and safer tires based on comprehensive performance and provide easy to understand information

2. The United States passed relevant regulations including the tire labeling law as early as six years ago. At present, industry groups and regulators are making final amendments to the regulations, and it is very possible to grade tires according to their fuel efficiency, traction performance and tread wear

3. The tire labeling system launched by South Korea has been implemented since November 2012. Tires are divided into five grades of 1-5 according to rolling resistance and wet road grip

4. Japan has implemented a voluntary tire labeling system since 2010, which mainly indicates the rolling resistance of tires and the grip level of wet roads

Brazil is also preparing to formulate similar tire labeling regulations

II. China actively responds to the tire labeling law

1. Relevant competent government departments, China Rubber Industry Association and tire manufacturers attach great importance to the work of the tire labeling law

① many special meetings of leaders of relevant departments and key tire enterprises were held to discuss, study and deploy the work of tire labeling method

② the industry association has specially set up a research group on the development of green tire industry, and is organizing the formulation of self-discipline norms of green tire industry that are in line with international standards and China's national conditions

③ publicize and report the tire labeling method in various forms, and make full use of the newspapers and magazines of China chemical industry news, China rubber, China tire and China rubber, China tire and other stations to publicize and report the machine tire labeling method often used in the European Union and the countermeasures and practices of domestic tire industry and enterprises, forming a strong public opinion

2. Carry out a questionnaire survey on tire enterprises, and list several special investigations, such as "how to implement the tire Labeling Law" and "how to combine with the EU label", which better reflect the information and willingness of enterprises, and the enthusiasm of most enterprises is relatively high

3. The national quality supervision and inspection department has gradually introduced China's standards for tire rolling resistance, wet grip and sliding noise

● rolling resistance

China is formulating the standard of tire rolling resistance test method with higher and higher requirements for wheel sets, and has completed the draft of gb/txxxx-201x "automobile tire rolling resistance test method -- correlation between single point test and measurement results". The standard is modified by ISO, which is basically consistent with ecer117 test method

at the same time, China is also formulating the standard of tire rolling resistance value, and has completed the standard draft of gb/txxxx-201x "limits of rolling resistance of automobile tires"

● wet grip and rolling noise

the test methods and standards of wet grip and rolling noise of tires in China are gb/t "test method for relative grip performance of car tires on wet pavement" and gb/t "test method for noise of tires coasting through inertia"

gb/t21910 is revised to adopt ISO "car tyres - Test Method for relative grip performance on wet road - new tyres under load", and gb/t22036 is equivalent to ISO "tyres - Determination of radiated noise between tyres and roads by sliding method". The above two national standards are basically the same as the test methods specified in ECE r117

at the same time, China is also preparing standards for wet grip and rolling noise limits of tires

4. Organize tire enterprises to visit the European Union

China Rubber Industry Association has twice organized tire manufacturers to make this instrument and equipment correct in October 2010 and September 2012. Leaders of value enterprises and professional technicians go to the European Union to have a discussion with colleagues, exchange tire labeling methods, and visit tire testing equipment factories and tire testing sites. So that China and the EU have reached a consensus on the tire labeling law

5. Hold a round table conference on tire labeling law

in February and July 2012 in Beijing, the Ministry of industry and information technology and other competent departments jointly organized the round table conference on tire labeling law in the European Union and Japan with the China Rubber Industry Association, and discussed and exchanged relevant information with the Secretary General of the European Union rubber and tire Producers Association and tire standards experts

6. Hold a training course on tire labeling method

in September 2011, China Rubber Industry Association held a training course on tire labeling method in Yantai, with the participation of leaders in charge of technology and professional technicians of tire production enterprises. Mr. cmicnaelstaude, an EU expert who participated in the drafting of tire labeling method, and domestic experts are invited to give lectures to further deepen the understanding of the content of the EU labeling method and lay a foundation for dealing with the tire labeling method

III. Chinese tires have been highly praised in the European Union and North America markets

1. Since the United States and the European Union put forward the tire labeling law, many Chinese tire enterprises have taken the initiative to refer to foreign standards and combine domestic and enterprise related standards to produce energy-saving, safe and environmentally friendly green tires. For example, double coin, triangle, Fengshen, Linglong, Sailun, Chaoyang, Qianjin and other brand radial truck tires have been rated as green tires by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency

2. In the first half of 2011, the National Technical Committee for tire and rim standardization conducted a sample survey on the tires of some large domestic tire enterprises. The rolling resistance of most car tires was E-F grade, of which more than 90% met the requirements of the first phase of the European Union, but some did not meet the minimum requirements of the second phase of the European Union

although the performance indicators of tires produced in China are one or two grades lower than those produced in the EU, the EU still makes a positive evaluation of the evaluation of Chinese tires, and EU peers and consumers have confidence in the tires exported from China to the EU

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