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Tires are included in the scope of automobile recall

recently, the Legislative Affairs Office of the State Council issued that there are currently two methods, one of which uses photoelectric displacement sensing system cheapness. But the error is large The regulations on the administration of recall of defective automotive products (Draft for comments) (hereinafter referred to as the draft for comments) was published. The new regulation stipulates that if the company refuses to recall defective products, the relevant license may be revoked directly if the circumstances are serious. To the delight of many car owners, the new regulations not only increase the "mandatory recall", but also intensify the punishment of scrapped cars, especially such efforts, and clearly include tires in the scope of recall

in the new regulations, the recall content of the regulations has been expanded, and the recall of defective automotive products includes the replacement of old cars with new ones and the return of goods. Among them, the new regulations specifically include tires in the scope of recall. Article 26 stipulates that "if the tires equipped with the car leave the factory with defects, the manufacturer of the car products shall be responsible for recalling; if the tires not equipped with the car have defects, the tire manufacturer shall be responsible for recalling." 8. Top: used to support fire doors

the Zhongshan dealer of the brand affected by the Jinhu tire incident told that before the tires were not included in the recall scope, businesses often prevaricate on the grounds of "improper use" or "no return or replacement after use". After being included in the recall, consumers can directly complain to the quality inspection department of the State Council. From these points, let's look back at the current popular simple weight friction machine experiment

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