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A fire at a tyre storage site in Nanning burned for 12 hours

in the early morning of February 10, a fire broke out at an open-air used tyre storage site in Renyi village, Shajing Avenue, Nanning, which burned for 12 hours, and tens of thousands of used tyres were burned. The boss suspected that someone had set fire. At present, the police have been involved in the investigation

the fire burned for 12 hours

at 4:50 a.m. that day, I rushed to the scene and saw that hundreds of square meters would produce the phenomenon that the bolts for installation and fastening would be broken at 70% of the yield strength. The storage of meters ignited the fire. The flame was twoorthree meters high, and most of the storage site was swallowed by the fire, with hundreds of meters of thick smoke floating above. The fire spread quickly because of the strong wind at that time. There are several self built buildings more than 20 meters away from the fire, and a large number of tires are piled between the fire and civilian houses. If these tires catch fire, the safety of civilian houses and residents will be endangered

3 fire engines and more than 10 firefighters came out from three directions to suppress the fire. At this time, a number of fire engines rushed to the scene for reinforcement, and firefighters sent out a number of water guns to form a water gun array to encircle and suppress the fire. Before long, the fire in the storage site gradually decreased, but due to strong winds and other reasons, it rekindled, and the fire burned violently again

then, four fire engines and more than 20 firefighters rushed to reinforce, and the fire was gradually controlled. At about 1:00 p.m. that day, almost all the tires in the tire storage site were burned. At about 4 p.m., the fire was completely extinguished

Boss Huang, who claims to have suffered heavy losses, said that he rented this site to store tens of thousands of second-hand tires, most of which are 70% new. There is no specially assigned person to patrol the storage site at night

according to reports, after the fire broke out at 3:30 a.m. that day, boss Huang, who lived nearby, rushed to the scene, but there was no sufficient water to fight the fire, so he had to organize personnel to grab the tires. After learning of the fire, dozens of residents in the vicinity withdrew to safety one after another. Some residents were afraid that the fire would affect their houses and did not dare to sleep until 8 a.m

"this fire must have been caused by arson." Boss Huang said that when the fire broke out, it rained slightly, and the tires and 1 generally had two display control modes: digital display and microcomputer control. The ground was wet, so it was difficult for the tires to catch fire; At that time, there was no open fire at the storage site, and there was only one line. The light was still on when the fire broke out, which could rule out the possibility of fire caused by the use of open fire and carelessness of the line. At about 2 a.m. that day, his friend once saw a person entering the storage site with a flashlight. At that time, he thought it was a manager, so he didn't care. This person is likely to be an arson suspect

it is understood that boss Huang bought more than 60% of the new tires and sold them after retreading and processing. Seeing tens of thousands of tires burned, boss Huang was heartbroken. He said, "except for the hundreds of tires rescued, all the others were burned."

there are many factors that make it difficult to put out a fire

the fire took 12 hours to be extinguished, and some residents questioned the efficiency of fire fighting. A firefighter at the scene said that there are many factors in the difficulty of fire fighting: first, the fire water source is far away. There is no fire hydrant at the storage point, and there is only one fire hydrant one kilometer away. The fire truck has to run so far to get water, which greatly affects the progress of fire fighting; Second, the tires in the storage site are piled up and placed disorderly, which affects the fire truck entering the fire site and has little environmental pollution to fight the fire; Third, after the tire fires, the fire-fighting effect of water is not obvious; Fourth, the fire is too big and the wind direction is uncertain, so the fire truck cannot be too close to the fire site

"thanks to the strong wind, the consequences would be unimaginable." A firefighter said that once the wind blows towards the civilian houses, it will burn all the way. Fortunately, the wind is conducive to fire fighting at that time

at present, Jiangnan public security branch has been involved in the investigation. 316 external wall insulation

accident scene

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