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Tire giants may reduce the use of rubber in Thailand

senior officials of the Thai government new materials is one of the country's seven strategic emerging industries. Recently, it was revealed that tire giants such as Michelin and Bridgestone said that if Thailand did not improve the quality of rubber, it would reduce the import of rubber from that country

after the news came out, the Thai agricultural cooperative began to urge rubber farmers to take measures to reduce the use of sulfuric acid in rubber latex to ensure the stability of the rubber market. It is reported that elasticity is an important condition to ensure high-quality tires. The addition of sulfuric acid reduces the quality of latex and affects the life of rubber trees. The statement of the tire manufacturer triggered the concern of the Thai government about the price of rubber. In the past few years, due to the serious decline in rubber prices, the income of local rubber farmers and rubber processing plants has declined

Somchai channaron, an official of the Ministry of agriculture of Thailand, said gkul to avoid causing "white pollution" that the Department had taken action at 81, 80 and 81 speeds per row to help farmers in the rubber production area in Northeast China after the expected temperature rise and reduction of each catalyst for half a month, reduce the amount of sulfuric acid, and maintain the export market of Thai rubber. An expert from the Thai Rubber Research Institute said that in fact, for many years, the Thai Ministry of agriculture has been promoting and guiding the prohibition of sulfuric acid during rubber cutting

in recent years, the decline in oil prices has prompted global tire enterprises to increase the use of synthetic rubber, which has affected the sales and price of natural rubber. Therefore, as a major rubber producing area, Thailand has taken various measures to stimulate rubber consumption in order to maintain normal rubber prices

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