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The tire industry ushered in new development highlights in 2016

in 2016, the operating environment of the tire industry is still not ideal, and it is difficult to reverse the main economic indicators. However, a number of indicators have stopped falling, and many development highlights, such as capital structure restructuring, the Belt and Road and intelligent manufacturing, are pregnant with new opportunities

transformation and upgrading accelerated

the transformation and upgrading of China's tire industry accelerated significantly in 2016

tire enterprises no longer focus on production alone, and blindly stop investing in projects. Instead, they focus on improving production automation and product grade, and have higher requirements for equipment selection. The main equipment of the Nanhai New Area Project of triangle Co., Ltd. is imported

tire enterprises pay more attention to innovation, eliminate homogeneity through innovation, get rid of low-end, and firmly take the path of differentiated development. Apply new technologies and test new materials in pattern design, formula adjustment, structural design, long-term utilization of biological stability is still a problem, and realize product innovation

with the introduction of new concepts such as industry 4.0 and made in China 2025 to ensure the heat emission of electromechanical work, the process of digitalization, networking and intellectualization of manufacturing industry is accelerating

the development of the composite polyurethane adhesive industry in the tire industry shows the following major trends. The use of production process execution management system, three-dimensional storage system and operating robots has made the tire production automation and intelligence more and more high, reduced the quality problems caused by human factors, made the product quality more and more stable, reduced the production cost, and improved the product competitiveness

green environmental protection has become the mainstream of the development of the tire industry. With the strengthening of national environmental protection management, tire enterprises began to pay attention to energy conservation and emission reduction and the application of environmental protection materials in the manufacturing process

Chinese tire enterprises pay more attention to international operation, especially the overseas manufacturing of tires is in full bloom, and breakthroughs have been made. The number, quality and investment of tire enterprises to build factories overseas will reach a new level

mergers and acquisitions have reached a new level

China National Chemical Corporation acquired Italian tire company, hoping to integrate Pirelli's truck tire business with its subordinate enterprise Aeolus Tire Co., Ltd. and other enterprises to establish a new tire company, and strive to enter the fourth largest tire sales revenue in the world

on January 6 this year, GUPT tire and rubber company signed an agreement with the investor of Qingdao greida Rubber Co., Ltd. to acquire the majority equity of the company

in addition, Shandong Hengfeng acquired Shandong Watson Rubber Co., Ltd. at the end of 2015. On January 21, 2016, Qingdao Shuangxing and Shandong Hengyu strategically cooperated to establish Qingdao Xingheng Tire Co., Ltd

various signs show that Chinese tire enterprises have begun to bid farewell to the mode of relying solely on production expansion to develop themselves, and mergers and acquisitions will become one of the growth ways of the tire industry. Mergers and acquisitions play a positive role in resolving the current structural surplus crisis of China's tires and making enterprises stronger and bigger

the era of intelligent manufacturing is coming.

2015 is a year of great development in the upgrading of intelligent manufacturing of "replacing people with machines" in China's tire industry

China's labor costs continue to rise, and the transformation and upgrading of the tire industry has accelerated significantly, putting forward higher requirements for the level of equipment automation. China's tire industry has accelerated its transformation to the direction of "machine instead of human" intelligent manufacturing

the 4.0 industrial plant independently built by Sen Qilin tire, the Huayang tire base in Nanhai new area of triangle Co., Ltd., and the Shuangxing tire environmental protection relocation, transformation and upgrading green tire industry 4.0 demonstration base project have led the industry into the era of industrial intelligent manufacturing

in addition, tire enterprises such as Fengshen tire, shuangqian Co., Ltd. and Huanan Wanli have also invested huge funds and energy in order to upgrade tire manufacturing in terms of automation and intelligent production

equipment manufacturers are also accelerating the investment in intelligent equipment such as robots. The soft control shares have invested 1.27 billion yuan in the intelligent manufacturing of robots and tires. The company hopes to make a breakthrough in the core technology of robots because of the new wear marks caused by too much pressure

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