The 8th China CNC machine tool exhibition opens in

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The 8th China CNC machine tool exhibition opened in Shanghai

on February 24, the 8th China CNC Machine Tool Exhibition (ccmt2014) opened in Shanghai New International Expo Center. The theme of this exhibition is: new changes and new future. This theme accurately and clearly reflects the development of China's machine tool industry and the characteristics of the industrial market, and reflects the exhibition background of ccmt2014

the scale of the exhibition reached a new high

at the ccmt2014 press conference held in Shanghai on January 16, 2014, Chen Huiren, executive vice president and Secretary General of the China Machine Tool Industry Association, the organizer of the exhibition, Wang Liming, executive vice president Mao Yufeng, Li Jingming, and Bian Guorong, vice president of the co organizer Shanghai International Exhibition Co., Ltd., introduced the relevant situation of the exhibition and answered questions

it is reported that ccmt2014 will use seven pavilions and five temporary pavilions in Shanghai New International Expo Center, with a total exhibition area of 100000 square meters. So far, more than 900 machine tool manufacturers from 20 countries and regions, including China, Germany, the United States, Japan, Italy, Switzerland, the United Kingdom, South Korea and Taiwan, China, have signed up for the exhibition, including nearly 270 overseas exhibitors, accounting for 32% of the total area. The internationalization of the exhibition has been significantly improved. Shenyang machine tool, Jier, Beiyi, Qinchuan, Dalian machine tool, Chongqing machine tool, Ningjiang machine tool, Ningbo Haitian, Wuzhong, Shangji, Qizhong, Tianshui Xinghuo, Qier and other domestic well-known machine tool manufacturing enterprises, as well as Emag, Siemens, DMG, Mazak, Haas, MAG, Watt, THK, seco, henglun, Tiantian, FANUC, hexcon and other world-famous machine tool manufacturers will all be present. In addition, Germany, Japan and Taiwan, China will participate in the exhibition in the form of exhibition groups

at that time, exhibitors will bring nearly 1200 sets of exhibits. Among nearly 1000 sets of domestic machine exhibits, more than 600 CNC metal cutting machines; More than 100 CNC forming machines; Nearly 100 sets of CNC special processing machines; About 150 sets of other CNC equipment and CNC testing equipment; There are tens of thousands of exhibits of various machine tools and measuring instruments. The types and quantity of exhibits will far exceed those of previous ccmts

the exhibits of the whole machine include about 80 background five axis linkage machine tools with early warning mechanism, about 60 compound machine tools, more than 20 sets of flexible manufacturing units and flexible manufacturing lines. More than 100 new products made their debut

during the exhibition, in order to improve the quality of the exhibition and enrich the connotation of the exhibition, the organizers will also carry out a series of international exchanges and industrial activities, mainly including: 2014 CEO International Forum of machine tool manufacturing industry, Symposium on the application of domestic CNC machine tools in the military industry and energy equipment field, Symposium on overseas mergers and acquisitions, exhibition of special achievements and applications of high-end CNC machine tools, commendation and release activities of 2013 advanced members (top 10) Ccmt2014 spring swallow award selection, joint meetings of heads of national and regional machine tool associations, and technical exchange activities

since its establishment in Shanghai in 2000, China CNC Machine Tool Exhibition (CCMT) has been successfully held for seven consecutive sessions (including four consecutive sessions in Shanghai, followed by three sessions in Beijing and Nanjing). As the sister exhibition of CIMT, the most authoritative international machine tool exhibition in China, CCMT also has a strong influence in the machine tool industry and the majority of users, and has become an important business platform for displaying and publishing CNC machine tool products and technologies. The return of ccmt2014 to Shanghai will be an important milestone in the history of CCMT

looking forward to the development prospect of CCMT, executive vice president Chen Huiren said: with the support and cooperation of exhibitors and partners, we will continue to work in the three directions of internationalization, specialization and informatization, and finally build CCMT into a world famous exhibition

exhibits show innovative achievements

ccmt2014, held in Shanghai in February 2014, will be an exhibition with rich exhibits, advanced technology and strong innovation. The organizer summed up seven highlights according to the exhibits reported by exhibitors

first, compound machine tools are in the ascendant. Thanks to the powerful control ability of high-end CNC system, increasingly sophisticated design and manufacturing technology, and increasingly mature application technology, including programming, compound machine tools, with their strong process and process intensive compound ability, conform to the personalized market manufacturing demand of one machine with multiple functions, multiple varieties, small batches, and one-time card loading to complete all processing. They are increasingly favored by the market and users, and have a strong development momentum, It is in the ascendant. The number, variety and performance of the composite machine tool exhibits in this exhibition are new improvements and changes compared with previous CCMT

every year, we can feel the proximity of "double 101" in advance

second, the product accuracy has reached a higher level. The wide application of many advanced technologies, such as finite element analysis and calculation technology, nano numerical control technology, high precision and high stiffness servo drive and feedback technology, high precision and high stiffness structural design technology, motorized spindle, torque motor, linear motor and direct drive technology, temperature rise, deformation, imbalance, wear and other detection and compensation technologies, friction reduction and vibration resistance technology, high precision and high stiffness slewing ring technology, Static pressure technology and precision parts manufacturing technology have jointly promoted the continuous improvement of machine tool accuracy from different technical levels. The geometric accuracy, control accuracy and working accuracy of machine tools have made new progress every year

third, the level of automation is becoming more and more mature. Machine tool automation is the basis of modern manufacturing automation. Modern manufacturing methods provide a broad space for machine tool automation. The development of modern control theory, electronic technology, computer technology, information technology, network and communication technology has pushed machine tool automation to a higher level and provided a solid equipment foundation for digital chemical plants and unmanned manufacturing. Modern CNC machine tool automation characterized by digital control has many automatic control functions, such as motion trajectory control, ATC, APC, monitoring and compensation of machining process (temperature, center of gravity, cutting force, vibration, deformation, etc.), tool management and detection, workpiece measurement, workpiece transmission, automatic loading and unloading, control and network control from single machine to flexible manufacturing unit and then to automatic production line, and continues to deepen its development. On these exhibits, we can fully appreciate the great efficiency and benefits brought by the electromechanical integration automatic technology

fourth, special and special machine tools show their characteristics. The development of special and special machine tools largely reflects the satisfaction of the machine tool industry to social and economic development and the maturity of its own development. Personalized products and services are the inevitable requirements of the growing social economy for the machine tool industry. The entry of market segments and the exploration of impact samples are also an important part of the optimization and adjustment of the machine tool industrial structure and the improvement of effective supply capacity. A large number of special-purpose and special machine tools exhibited in this exhibition all reflect their professional, unique, unique, high-quality and efficient characteristics. They complement each other with general-purpose machine tools and play a unique and irreplaceable role in economic construction

fifth, intelligent manufacturing has taken shape. Intelligent technology is the advanced stage of the development of automation technology. Compared with the general concept of automation, it has the characteristics of changing from reducing physical labor to reducing mental labor in terms of objectives, from mechanical motion control to information control in terms of control objects, and from passive program execution to task understanding, environmental understanding and action planning in terms of control methods and processes. Therefore, intelligent technology has become the frontier and hotspot of intelligent manufacturing, and its development has attracted people's interest and attention. The integration of expert system, various physical quantity sensors and computer powerful information analysis and processing technology has promoted the development of machine tool intelligent control technology. Many exhibits of this exhibition combined with their own professional characteristics showed their talents in different degrees and aspects

sixth, continuous innovation has yielded fruitful results. Innovation is the life of an enterprise and the inexhaustible source of its development. A number of innovative achievements made a brilliant debut in this exhibition, which annotated the vitality of innovation with its new ideas and technologies. These innovative achievements cover many fields such as design, structure, specification, process and control, forming a number of innovative products and patented technologies with core independent intellectual property rights, and improving the position and ability of enterprises in market competition. In the process of transforming the economic development mode and improving the quality of economic development, China's machine tool enterprises have a strong wind of innovation, which was fully demonstrated at this exhibition, including dozens of innovative achievements, including a number of national major special scientific and technological achievements of high-end CNC machine tools and basic manufacturing equipment, which have an overall impact on the overall improvement of industrial competitiveness and solve the major bottlenecks restricting economic and social development, It shows that the development path of China's machine tool industry is undergoing gratifying changes

seventh, CNC systems and functional components are gathered together. Competing with the rich and colorful host exhibits, the exhibits of CNC systems and functional components can also be described as a gathering of heroes. In particular, domestic CNC systems and domestic functional components have made considerable progress in recent years, and the short legs and bottlenecks that have long plagued China's machine tool industry are making positive progress. A number of products with high technical level and competitiveness are gradually becoming the preferred supporting products for host machine manufacturers. These exhibits show that China's machine tool industry chain is becoming complete and balanced, and some key core technologies and supporting products are gradually maturing

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