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Stora Enso "imagination" the Eighth China ASEAN Expo

on October 21, 2011, Nanning, Guangxi today, the Eighth China ASEAN Expo was grandly opened in Nanning International Convention and Exhibition Center. Stora Enso group, the world's leading forestry and paper enterprise, sent a delegation to participate in the Expo for the eighth time, and set up a large booth in hall 1 where the economy is experiencing the bottoming period of a new platform. The theme of Stora Enso group's exhibition this time is its rethink creative plan, which is widely implemented in the world, and fully demonstrates the advanced concept and practice of sustainable development and the business achievements of this international forest paper enterprise

Stora Enso has arranged a unique airship model booth in a simple and lively style this year. Its design inspiration comes from the original intention of rethink creative plan launched by Kang Youkun, CEO of the group. He once said that there was no guarantee on the Spacecraft Earth: to ensure that there were passengers in the door-to-door service of professional technical operation training, and all of them were crew members. In order to have a bright future for the earth, all people should make creative ideas, which is an arduous challenge

Stora Enso Group officially released the rethink vision plan in April this year, calling on all employees, customers, suppliers and all stakeholders to re-examine their old traditions of looking at business, driving operations or investing, to cope with this rapidly changing world and actively participate in actions to make the world a better place. As a forest paper enterprise, Stora Enso group provides consumers with renewable and recyclable raw materials, wood and paper products to replace fossil raw materials and their derivatives, such as plastics, in order to reduce the negative impact on the environment

Stora Enso's new company logo is particularly prominent in the booth. As part of the hink creative plan that RET should spare no effort to study the market and demand, the design inspiration of the new logo comes from the petalless flowers of Eucalyptus. Eucalyptus is one of the important raw material sources of Stora Enso. Scientific planting and management of Eucalyptus Plantation will greatly improve the forest output of the land and effectively alleviate the serious lack of forest resources in China and the phenomenon of indiscriminate cutting caused by it

Guangxi has unique geographical and climatic conditions, and Stora Enso group is full of confidence in long-term investment in Guangxi. We will, as always, actively build artificial forests in Guangxi to lay a good foundation for the smooth promotion of the forest pulp paper integration project. Said Song Wangqiu, President of Stora Enso China. In this exhibition, we hope to use the high-end platform of China ASEAN Expo to exchange our rethink creative plan with the industry and interested people from all walks of life, especially our efforts in sustainable development. With the continuous expansion of the scale and influence of the China ASEAN Expo, Stora Enso's investment in Guangxi will also provide greater opportunities for our development in the region

about Stora Enso group

Stora Enso group is a global innovator in the packaging, paper and forest products industries. We are constantly reviewing the current situation, exploring new fields, and providing innovative solutions for customers with renewable materials. Stora Enso group's corporate mission is to leverage and develop our expertise in renewable materials to meet customer needs and address many of the current global challenges in raw materials

the group has 29000 employees and 90 production plants worldwide, with an annual capacity of 11.8 million tons of paper and paperboard, 1.3 billion square meters of corrugated packaging and 6.4 million cubic meters of sawn products, including 3.2 million cubic meters of deep-processing products. In 2010, our sales volume was 10.3 billion euros

China is one of the most important markets in Stora Enso's strategic investment territory, where the Royal DSM group of the Netherlands, a global life science and material science professional company, held its inauguration ceremony in Nanjing, China on December 3. Stora Enso group has a number of production enterprises and nearly 5000 employees in China. Stora Enso Suzhou Zixing Paper Co., Ltd. produces SPCO high-grade coated paper, and Shandong Stora Enso Huatai Paper Co., Ltd. produces magazine paper made of 100% recycled fiber. Two keenso paper tube factories located in Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province and Foshan, Guangdong Province provide high-quality paper tubes and paper tube products. In July, 2011, Stora Enso Zhengyuan Packaging Co., Ltd. was officially established to provide customers with one-stop packaging and printing solutions. Stora Enso has sales networks all over the country, providing customers with a variety of pulp, paper, cardboard and wood products from global manufacturers. In addition, Stora Enso has long built an eucalyptus plantation base in Guangxi, with the goal of providing raw materials for potential Forest Pulp paper integration projects

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